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Why you need to go caravanning in Queensland

Dream of waking up to the Great Barrier Reef at your doorstep, snoozing under the stars in Big Sky Country, or cocooned in blankets amongst world-heritage listed rainforests?

There’s more than a few reasons why you need to go caravanning in Queensland.

With the range of caravans catering to everyone from couples to big families – and even those who prefer to get off-the-beaten-path in a 4WD – there’s never been a better time to start planning your next Queensland road trip.

For a big adventure on a small budget, set your sights on the Sunshine State’s vast landscapes, coastal nooks and regional corners.

Pack your bags, and get ready to tow. Here’s why you need to go caravanning in Queensland.

Driving through Eungella National Park Queensland

No-fuss set up

Forget carting camping equipment to the car, setting it up, cleaning it and then lugging it all back into the boot every morning on your road trip. Caravanning is the pre-packaged food of the camping world.

And it saves a lot of arguments without needing to fit that tent back into its bag.

The road is your oyster

Afraid of commitment? Caravanning offers sense of freedom you don’t get when you have a hotel reservation to check in to that night.

Chase the sun, find a better campground, or linger longer in a spot you love – it’s easy when your home is on wheels.

And if you’re happy to forgo power, any flat surface is your friend (provided you have permission to camp there). While you’ll need to book ahead in popular locations or school holiday periods, there are plenty of caravan parks and campgrounds in Queensland that you can just roll into, no reservation required.

Great Barrier Reef Drive Cairns Queensland

You can take the road trip of a lifetime

Queensland is a destination best seen slowly; from the front seat on an epic road trip. All you need is your caravan, Google maps, and a healthy supply of snacks.

Explore coastal havens, hinterland towns and national parks from Brisbane to Cairns on the Pacific Coast Way. Or spend a few days slowly rolling your way between the reef and rainforest on the Great Barrier Reef Drive.

Retrace the tracks of Cobb & Co on the Adventure Way, take a family road trip to see the turtles near Bundaberg. Journey from the capital to the corner of Outback Queensland on the Warrego Way, or set off on one of these must-do trips.

All the amenities (including the kitchen sink)

There’s something nice about a road trip with all the creature comforts onboard. You can spend more time getting from A to B, rather than scoping for public toilets, an open bakery for a snack or where to buy ice to keep the beer cold.

Most caravan kitchens pack four-burner gas stoves, refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves on board. No more squatting over a trangia or realising you don’t quite have the skills to cook dinner by fire.

Instead, brew your morning coffee in the comfort and warmth of the van, or pull over for a spontaneous lunch break after finding a beautiful overlook.

You’ll also have a comfy bed, plenty of storage for your gear, and a sturdy roof if it rains on your parade.

Explorer's Haven camp area | caravanning Queensland

Check into the country’s prettiest campgrounds and holiday parks

Whether it’s waking up to the sound of waves crashing on Mooloolaba Beach, the warm sea breeze of Airlie Beach or native bird songs in Mt Tamborine, caravanning in Queensland offers the chance to park up at some of the country’s prettiest campgrounds and holiday parks.

There are parks with pools and playgrounds for the kids – and serene escapes for those sans-kids too.

The power is yours

You don’t have to be THAT unplugged from real life when you’re caravanning. There’s nothing like the option of electricity, should you choose to accept it.

Simply pull-up, plug-in, and you’ll be able to charge your phone and camera, or heat a snack in the microwave.

Night sky with caravan in foreground


With off-the-beaten-track capability, you can escape city light pollution and set up camp under the stars. It’s like going ‘bush’ but with all the mod-cons. All you need now is a glass of red.

Queensland is packed with starry night locations, but Big Sky Country can’t be beat.

A trip they’ll remember forever

Caravanning in Queensland offers unparalleled adventure – and memories that last longer than the views.

Discovering quiet country nooks among mountain ranges. The sleepy towns where everyone stopped to say hello. The family game of beach cricket where you were the only souls for miles. The wine and chats shared with fellow ‘vanners you met along the way.

These are the moments you’ll be retelling at Christmas for years to come.