Aerial of Lawn Hill National Park

How to do Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park

Never heard of Lawn Hill National Park? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This hidden gem has flown under the radar waaaaay out in the Outback, near the border of Queensland and the Northern Territory.

That was until Crocodile Dundee came to town in the 2018 Tourism Australia Super Bowl ad and showed it off to millions across the globe.

After seeing its red sandstone walls that drop strikingly into emerald green waters, it’s no surprise 40,000 people pack their bags and hit the road 540km north-west of Mount Isa to see this national park each year.

Don your khaki and hiking boots and get ready for your own outback adventure at Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park.

And don’t worry, freshwater crocodiles are the only kind included for your Dundee adventure. 

What’s so special about Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park?

Lawn Hill Gorge outback Queensland

If your type of holiday is 4WD-only, phone reception-free and off-the-beaten-track, look no further than the 28,200 hectares of Boodjamulla National Park.

This dense forest oasis in Outback Queensland is no mirage. It bucks the outback red dirt trend with its windy, emerald water course which gives it its name ‘Boodjamulla’, meaning Rainbow Serpent Country in the local indigenous language.  

As if postcard-worthy views weren’t attraction enough, the finer details of this national park prove to be just as special.

Deep within the national park, you’ll find a fossil deposit – the Riversleigh World Heritage Site . It’s so impressive, David Attenborough himself labelled it one of the top four most important deposits in the world.

You’ll find fossils dating back 15-25 million years, representing the evolution of Australian mammals with evidence of feather-tailed possums, sharp-toothed kangaroos, and marsupial lions.

This is the kind of natural history worthy of its own museum. Whether you’re here for a 50-minute cruise or a 4-day long adventure, it’s recommend to explore the national park with a guide. Adels Grove and Savannah Guides have you covered. 

The trails of Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park

Adels Grove Boodjamulla | Lawn Hill National Park

While this national park might be known for water, bring your hiking boots because you’ll need them to get your aqua fix.

Seven walking trails ranging from 600m to 7km take you along the length of Lawn Hill Gorge. And although these return walks might seem short, the only thing sweet about them is the views you’ll find along the way.

Brace your buns for steep, hilly cliffside tracks. Our pick is also the longest, 3.5km (one way) towards Upper Gorge, with views back down the entire canal.

Want a day of hiking? Base yourself at the Lawn Hill Campgrounds because five of the seven tracks begin there. The other two split off from the Duwadarri Lookout trail.

Of course, walking isn’t the only way to explore this national park. Take to the water and canoe (available for hire at the Lawn Hill Campgrounds) to Middle Gorge, Indarri Falls, or Upper Gorge.  

The flora and fauna of Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park

Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park will treat you to the animal version of acapella, with a choir of 200 species of birds.

Forget your headphones for your morning walk: if it’s not the birds chirping you’ll hear the other 1000 animals who live in the park starting their daily routine too.

Lawn Hill Gorge itself has over 20 species of fish, 12 species of frogs, 3 species of turtles, and Australian freshwater crocodiles to boot (the non-man-eating kind).

Animal spotting won’t be the only thing on your Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park bucket list though, with over 800 species of flora across the park to spot too.

Best photo spots in Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park

Lawn Hill Gorge Boodjamulla National Park

Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park’s modelling days are far from over – not bad for a park that’s over 100 million years old.

Bring your camera (and underwater housing if you own it) because the best shot is at water level. Paddle your way to the middle of the gorge, to capture what makes this gorge so, well, gorgeous.

If you prefer to keep your camera on dry land, take one of the walking tracks to capture Lawn Hill Gorge from the lookouts from Lower to Upper Gorge.

Of course, if you’ve got a drone handy, this national park is best seen from above.

Where to stay in Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park

There’s no such thing as a room without a view at the three accommodation options across this national park.

Frequent camper? Sleep on the edge of the gorge at the Lawn Hill Campgrounds (4km into the national park), or venture south to stay at the Miyumba Campgrounds, only 3.5km from the Riversleigh Fossil site.

If you prefer to camp with a flushing toilet and hot shower, one of Lawn Hill’s 20 sites (16 camper trailer sites and four tent-only sites) is where you should drop your tent pegs. Or, book into one of the cabins at Adels Grove, the only private accommodation near the national park (10km from Lawn Hill). It’s got all the outback comforts – air-conditioning, a fridge, an ensuite and on-site bistro – perfect after a long day exploring the national park.

Want the best of both worlds? Adels Grove also has campsites and pre-erected tents if you prefer to stay amongst nature but near supplies.

Local tips and tricks

4wd crossing Oshannasy River | Lawn Hill National Park

Like anywhere in Outback Queensland, it’s 99% preparation 1% perspiration.

Although, in summer the temperatures soar well over the 40 degree-celsius mark so the perspiration count will rise. 

It’s a nine-hour journey north-west from Mount Isa (along both sealed and unsealed roads), so you’ll need a 4WD for this adventure and all your offroad essentials like spare tyres, extra snacks, water, and a UHF radio.

Don’t need to panic about fuel, you can fill up at Adels Grove.

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*Please note the temporary closure of all Queensland campgrounds in national parks, state forests and state-managed recreation and protected areas, in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.