Anglers, meet Rockhampton: Australia’s new Barramundi Capital

Anyone who loves to cast a line knows there’s much more to fishing than the fish.

It’s the quiet toes-in-the-water moments, the waves lapping at the boat’s hull, matched with the thrill of getting a hook on on the line.

But here in Rockhampton, you’ll get peace of mind while bagging the prize catch.

It may be called Australia’s beef capital, but since commercial netting was removed from the Fitzroy River in 2015, Rocky has become a mecca for recreational barramundi fishing. The number of trophy barramundi over the magic metre in length continues to grow each season, and with it grows the region’s reputation as Australia’s new barra capital.

Ready to throw your line in?

Find Your Catch in the Middle of Town

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You don’t need a 4AM wake-up call or lengthy commute to fish barramundi in Rockhampton. They’re turning up in huge numbers in the Fitzroy river and in particular, right in the middle of town.

Rockhampton’s city reaches are set up as if they were designed a barramundi angler. Bound by the Fitzroy River Barrage upstream, spanned by several bridges and littered with rocky reefs, it’s a mix of a barrier to upstream migration, and prime barramundi habitat.

The best spots? Try the city reach, down to Devils Elbow. This part of the river has plenty of structures that hold barra all year round.

BYO Boat


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Bringing your own boat to Rockhampton? You’ll be happy to know there are multi-lane boat ramps with pontoons and toilets right next to the prime fishing areas.

Beyond the barra – these waters are full of king salmon. They bite, fight and taste every bit as good as the barramundi that share their habitat.

Tips for barramundi fishing in Rockhampton

Fitzroy River

Success is all in the lure, and when you’re in Rocky waters you’ll need:

1. A 20 to 30gram soft-vibe
2. A deep diving 12 to 15cm minnow
3. Some 3” Gulp! Shrimp and jigheads

Chat to the local tackle stores in town to get the latest information on what’s biting when you turn up. Generally speaking, the best tides for lure and fly fishing for barra are the last half of the run-out and the first part of the run-in.

Be aware of current fishing rules and conditions before you cast your line, as barramundi fishing is closed during spawning season (1 November to 31 January).