How to make the most of a day at Aussie World

If you could bundle all the things you love about Australia into a theme park, you’d find yourself at Aussie World on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. A little bit country, a little bit coast and a heap of cheeky kitsch thrown in.

Welcome to Aussie World, mate.

Take me there

Aussie World-Little-Beaut-Toot-Toot

Aussie World has its own sense of fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s the only theme park based on the Sunshine Coast, making it an easy day trip from either Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

If you’re staying longer, here’s the ultimate guide to a budget friendly-holiday on the Sunshine Coast.

Save your pennies

Back in the day, it used to cost less than $50 to get into a theme park, but at Aussie World, you’ll be surprised to learn it still does.

Tickets are $38 each or just $167 for a family of 5. So bring the kids’ friends along to make up numbers, or pop Nan or Pa in the car too; seniors are only $30. Kids under three are free, and so are carers assisting anyone with physical limitations (with a valid Companion Card).

Let the good times roll.

Aussie tucker

But it’s not just bang for your buck you’ll find here.

There’s a new fancy place out front called The Banana Bender Pub (formerly The Ettamogah Pub) serving a bonanza of meals.

You’ll eat better than you would expect at a theme park; ride first, eat later is our advice. But we’ll let you make that call.

Let’s ride

Aussie World -LeaknLogs

Remember those rides from your childhood? Well, some of them are re-imagined here. Your little ones will love the prettiest carousel they ever did see and tin cups that spin. Hold their hands tight for a turn on the ferris wheel (can you feel the nostalgia kicking in?) There’ll be plenty of déjà vu moments at Aussie World with 30 rides and attractions to explore.

For bigger kids, there’s the spooky Mayhem Maze, the haunted home of a crazed clown, and dodgem cars that go bump. The Giant Slide is as good as it ever was, and afterwards try not to get stung by one of the newer thrill rides – The Wasp. It’s for kids (and parents) who like their thrills served at pace, with a joystick controller to control your degree of sidewards fling.

There’s a cute Little Beaut Toot Toot train for the little guys who love to go choo choo, and a mini rollercoaster called Bug Run that will gently weave them through an enchanted garden filled with flowers and insects.

Aussie World -Redback

For the older kids, the Red Back is said to be the scariest ride in the park, reaching heights of 13 metres. Think 24 people face outward before being spun like a web in moves that would even make Spiderman proud.

If that’s not enough – coming soon is a 3D adventure ride called SX360 that promises 360 degree thrills.

To cool down after all that action, take The Plunge for a wake-up splash. And be warned, Mum – if you’re just standing by watching all the action, you might end up getting splashed too.

If the kids are keen to get soaked, Leak’n Logs will deliver with its leaky, mist-spraying water-based play area guaranteed to beat the Queensland heat.

Fun for all the tribe

Illusionarium Aussie World -Facebook

Photo by Aussie World via FB

Families can laugh their way through Professor Bogglesworth’s Illusionarium, with its multiverse of reality challenging illusions. And if your kids (or partner) love infinite universes and cosmic warps? They’ll love this one, with eye-tricking, brain-bending conundrums to ponder and a code they’ll have to remember to return to a robot dominated dimension.

Mini Golf is a family challenge rite of passage, so line the kids up to tee off to see if anyone can score a hole in one at Platypus Ponds Mini Golf. A worthy prize afterwards might be the first to bite into their giant hot dog or burger at Aussie World Fun Café, or treat them to one of the delicious ice-creams or sweets.

Save some time (and money) for Side Show Alley where all your family favourites appear. Bust a Balloon, Laughing Clowns, Lucky Ducks, Silly Strings and you can even show them how it’s done at Hoops. Every player wins a prize.

Load Up On Aussie pub grub, souvenirs and bangers


Photo by Aussie World via FB

If you didn’t fill up on hot dogs and burgers at The Aussie World Fun Café, well done, because you’ve saved the best for last. The all-new Banana Bender Pub is home to Mangos Bar & Grill. Produce is sourced locally, and where possibly within a 50km radius from one of Australia’s best food bowls, the Sunshine Coast – so there’s plenty of local love being served up here.

A shopping village is located next door where you can pick up more local goodies, from pies at the bakery to toys, flowers, candy and old-fashioned fudge. And if you’re staying close by or coming back soon, consider including a visit to the Shed for live Aussie entertainment with the likes of The Angels, Boom Crash Opera, Killing Heidi and Baby Animals all slated across 2020 dates. For more events on the Sunshine Coast in 2020 see here.

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