Seven photos that will make you want to visit the wrecks at Moreton Island

There are a lot of reasons why you should visit Moreton Island.

Just 90 minutes from Brisbane by ferry, Moreton Island is an incredible place to spend a weekend of sandboarding, jetboating, 4WD, camping, dolphin-feeding and more.

But it’s the 15 deliberately sunken ships, located just near Tangalooma Island Resort, that are the island’s main attraction. They’re a magical sight from any perspective.

Don’t just settle for a quick glance at them. Here are seven ways you can see and experience the wrecks at Moreton Island.

1. A distant nod

Visit Moreton Island

Photo by @tim_randall

Hop on a scenic flight from Tangalooma Island Resort to truly appreciate the scale and beauty of the wrecks.

From your window seat, you’ll also be able to see giant sand dunes, Cape Moreton and play spot the turtle or dolphin in the tranquil waters.

2. A dry encounter

If you aren’t a strong swimmer, then a boat is the best way to get acquainted with the wrecks without getting wet.

Private vessels are welcome to anchor near the wrecks. You can also hire a boat or join a tour from Tangalooma Island Resort.

3. From above


Photo by @snapair

The wrecks are a very popular spot for budding drone photographers to capture some epic aerial shots.

Launch from the beach and make sure you check in with the CASA rules and regulations before flying and keep well away from other visitors.

4. In the dark

For a seriously unique perspective of the wrecks, opt for a nighttime kayak tour with Sunset Safaris.

Not only are the kayaks transparent so you can see all the marine life, but they are also kitted out with led lights which illuminate the water around you. Perfect for spotting marine life that you wouldn’t normally be able to see.

5. As quick as possible

Jetski by @lisdingjan

Photo by @lisdingjan

If you move at a million miles per minute, you can meet all 15 wrecks in a matter of seconds with a jetski tour.

6. Camp out

For an overnight stay close to the wrecks, book a site with QLD Parks at the wrecks campsite.

The campsite is located just metres from the beach and is the perfect spot to watch the sun set over the cluster of ships.

7. Up close

Visit Moreton Island

Literally. You can dive into their hulls and see how these wrecks have become an ecosystem and haven for coral, fish and other marine life.

And if you want to get better acquainted with the whole of Moreton Island, here’s how you can spend an epic 48 hours.