Moreton Island adventure

How to have the ultimate adventure weekend on Moreton Island

Adventure comes in many different forms. On Moreton Island, a short ferry trip away from Brisbane, adventure can be found on every beach, shipwreck or towering sandhill.

And with Tangalooma Island Resort perfectly positioned to launch into the best of Moreton Island, planning your ultimate adventure weekend is easy.

No tent, dehydrated meals or 4WD needed.

Don’t just take our word for it: there are a heap of reasons why GoPro recently chose this island to launch its latest and greatest action camera.

Here’s how to make the most of your next weekend of adventure on Moreton Island.

Moreton’s Atlantis

The most popular attraction on Moreton Island is the Tangalooma Wrecks.

The cluster of 17 deliberately sunken ships are now a playground for divers, snorkelers and kayakers.

Jason Momoa sightings may be few and far between, but the water around here is a haven for over 100 species of fish and even the occasional turtle, dugong or dolphin.

Strong swimmers can make their own way out to the Wrecks, or Tangalooma Island Resort arranges snorkelling and kayaking tours, including their unique illuminated nighttime kayak tours.

Slide on in

Moreton Island adventure

Photo by @Terje

Go to any Queensland beach during summer that has a sandhill higher than a few metres. Chances are there will be a bunch of kids trying to slide down said sandhill on an esky lid or piece of cardboard.

On Moreton Island, things are a bit more high-tech.

With the help of slick tobogganing sleds, those with a lust for thrills can fly down enormous sandhills at speeds of up to 40km an hour.

The sand tobogganing takes place on Tangalooma Desert which is accessible by 4WD, either your own or on a tour.

Hold onto your hat

40km/h not fast enough?

Double that speed on Tangalooma’s Aussie Jet Boat.

Zoom over the water doing tail slides, figure eights, wave jumps and 360-degree spins.

Probably don’t eat too much before hopping on board.

Eat my sand

If sand tobogganing didn’t quite fill your daily quota of sand in places it shouldn’t be, a quad bike tour of Tangalooma might do the trick.

The tour roams along the beach and the bushland behind the resort.

No previous experience with a quad bike is necessary, just try to keep your eyes on the track ahead while driving.

The magic of Moreton Island can be pretty distracting.

Feeding time

Since 1992, Tangalooma has been most well known for its nightly dolphin feeding.

At sunset every day, around 10 wild bottlenose dolphins pop up near the jetty out front of the resort.

Resort guests who sign up for the experience can dip their toes into the water to hand-feed the dolphins, with a dedicated team of Eco Rangers on hand to educate guests and ensure the best-practice management for the feeding.

Walk it off

Moreton Island adventure

Photo by @ellensf22

Mount Tempest is the Mount Everest of coastal sand dunes.

Thought to be the highest coastal sand dune in the world at 285 metres above sea level, Mount Tempest is a steep hike that rewards keen adventurers with 360-degree views of the whole island.

On a clear day, the distant peaks of the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast will be visible.

You need a 4WD to get to the starting point and then the 2.5km return trip normally takes an hour or two.

From the sky

Moreton Island adventure

Photo by @Aussie_air

If 285 metres isn’t high enough for you, take to the skies with a scenic helicopter flight from Tangalooma Island Resort.

See the Wrecks, mammoth sand dunes, Cape Moreton, Dolphin Lake and other interesting natural landscapes on the island.

Make sure your phone or camera is fully charged for this one.

Flights start from $99 per person.

Just chill

Moreton Island adventure

It isn’t just about adventure on Moreton Island.

With palm tree-fringed beaches, secluded camping spots and the lesser-known attractions on the eastern side of the island, you can easily switch off and recharge for a weekend.

And best of all, it’s only a 90-minute ferry ride away from Brisbane.