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9 food tours you’d be crazy to miss in Queensland

Fancy being directed to the very best food this state has to offer? From craft beer and artisan distilleries to exotic fruit and chocolate to camel milk and boutique wine, Queensland can satiate any hunger.

Come with us, we’ll fill your belly (and your heart) with these top food tours.


Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours | 9 food tours to take in Queensland

Josh Donohoe reckons there is a beer out there for everyone. And the self-professed ‘beer guy’ sees it as his personal mission to find a match made in hop heaven for everyone who steps aboard his Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours minivan.

Josh’s intimate local knowledge of brewers and producers means you get to go behind the scenes at some of the best burgeoning local craft breweries on the Sunshine Coast – from Noosa to the Hinterland.


Know your black sapote from your mamey sapote? How about your jackfruit from your durian? If you’re a little rusty on your tropical fruit knowledge, don’t worry. Cape Trib Farm in the Daintree Rainforest is the perfect spot to brush up and sample some of the 60-plus exotic fruit types that are grown on the rainforest property.

Depending on the season, you might get to try soursop, which lives up to its name as the fruit salad fruit, tasting like a combination of strawberry, pineapple and banana, or aibu, which is just like eating a sweet caramel custard.


We love a flying safari, and nothing says, “rock star” quite like doing a food and wine tour in a helicopter. Lingering over reds, whites and sparkling wine at different wineries while also having time for a leisurely lunch would be a stretch to do in a day, but with a helicopter, it’s a cinch.

From gourmet picnics ending at Spicers Hidden Vale, to a wine tour of the Somerset region known for its chardonnay and shiraz, these tours are guaranteed to give wine connoisseurs wings.


Summer Land Camels | 9 food tours to take in Queensland

Did you know that Australia has a wild camel problem? Jeffrey Flood and Paul Martin, the owners of Summer Land Camel Farm, are attempting to change that while also tapping into the growing popularity of camel milk as a super food.

The Scenic Rim farm is the perfect spot to get up close and personal with the long-lashed creatures and find out the story behind where the camels come from (and how they get rounded up), how they are trained and the various ways their milk is used in ice-cream, yoghurt, cheese and skincare.


It may be known for its rum, but Bundaberg also punches above its weight when it comes to delicious produce. The rich red soil and glimmering rivers provide the perfect environment for crops like figs, avocados, dragonfruit and watermelons.

On a Bundy Food Tour, you get to meet the growers and have a taste of their harvest before visiting local coffee roasters, artisan brewers and (yes) rum distillers. And that’s all before midday.


Cultural Habitat Tour | 9 food tours to take in Queensland

Often on food tours the hard work has been done for you – you just have to show up and tuck in. But on the mud-crabbing spear fishing tour with one of the Kubirri Warra brothers Linc and Brandon Walker, you’re going to learn to embrace your inner explorer, throw a spear and catch your supper of mud crabs, fish and mussels.

It’s a deep dive into the traditions and ecosystems of the original custodians of Cooya Beach, just north of Port Douglas, and the brothers are natural teachers who generously share their knowledge of wildlife, medicinal plants and their culture.


Tropical North Queensland has always been known for the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, but Brett Cameron wanted to introduce travellers to beauty of another kind in the area – the culinary delights of the Atherton Tablelands.

Just as Brett’s tour takes you through misty rainforest, lush orchards and rich red savannah, you also get taste your way through a diversity of local cheeses, coffees, chocolates, fruits, spirits and wine. And if you’re very lucky, you may even spot an elusive platypus at a special stop on the way back to Port Douglas.


Charley's Chocolate | 9 food tours to take in Queensland

Did somebody say chocolate? As Australia’s only cocoa tree to chocolate bar experience, you don’t have to be a sweet tooth to put this food tour on your must-do list.

It’s a fascinating insight into the history of cocoa, how cocoa pods grow (did you know that one cocoa pod will make one dark chocolate bar?), and how the pods are dried and fermented. But the best part is tasting the sweet, creamy, single origin chocolate. But be warned, it’s so good that you may just want to move to Mission Beach.


You could spend a week on the Gold Coast and still not uncover all its gastronomic delights. That’s where Karen Inglis-Turner comes in.

Expertly navigating her way through Burleigh Heads, Broadbeach or Surfers Paradise, Karen takes you on a ‘best of’ tour where you’ll drop into new venues, locals’ favourites and sample great food and drink that’s making the Gold Coast one of the best spots in the state for culinary tourism.

Have you done any of these food tours? Know another one that should have made the list? Share with us below.