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Here’s everything you need to know about sunflower fields in Queensland

Editor’s note: due to drought conditions, sunflower season will not be blooming in 2020.

Summer typically equals sunflower season in Southern Queensland Country. A sea of yellow flood the fields of country towns creating the most picturesque of sceneries that will have you walking through sunshine (literally).

Here are 5 reasons why Queensland’s sunflowers are so special.

1. They only bloom from January – March

Sunflowers SQC Allora photo by @mattraimondo

Location: Allora | Photo by @mattraimondo

Well, they aren’t called “sunflowers” for nothing. Just like us Queenslanders, they love the sun.

2. They are HUUUGE!

Sunflowers SQC Allora photo by @swaller4

Location: Allora | Photo by @swaller4

That’s no joke! Some can grow up to 30 inches in diameter. In fact, the largest on record was 32 ¼ inches!

3. Finding blooming fields are like a golden treasure hunt

Sunflowers are 100% natural. They bloom and then they die, it’s the circle of life. So, finding a field that’s blooming can be tricky, but don’t lose faith.

Tip: You’ll know that you’ve stumbled across a blooming field when you see multiple cars parked out front.

4. Do it for the ‘gram

Sunflowers SQC Allora photo by @sokhamarky

Location: Allora | Photo by @sokhamarky

Practice your photography skills and be the envy of your friends and Instagram followers with that perfect candid shot.

5. The sunsets are just better out here

Sunflowers SQC Clifton photo by @lambyyyy_

Location: Clifton | Photo by @lambyyyy_

Literally. The sky lights up and contrasts perfectly against the sunflower fields. You need to see it to believe it.

People have spotted sunflowers at:

When you visit the sunflower fields, please be mindful that these sunflowers grow in the farmlands and crop fields of hard working Queenslanders. Remember to be respectful and do not trespass or damage property or sunflowers trying to get the perfect picture. The best thing you can do is admire the sunflowers from a distance.

Important information:

  • Contact the Toowoomba and Warwick Visitor Information Centres for up to date info on where the best places are to see these beauties.
  • When visiting the sunflower fields, please don’t damage the sunflowers or the property.
  • Crops last a couple of weeks, so if fields were blooming a week ago, they may not be blooming this week.
  • Be prepared not to find any, sunflowers are natural and will grow and bloom when they want to.

Psst! If you really love flowers, head to Toowoomba in September for the annual Toowoomba Festival of Flowers.

If you can’t get enough of the sunflowers and want to keep exploring, here’s how you can spend a whole weekend in Toowoomba.