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Secret break: Kitesurfing and surfing the Great Barrier Reef

Queensland is well know for its great surf spots dotted along the southern section of the coast. Waves like Kirra and Snapper Rocks have raised generations of world champion surfers and general weekend warriors.

Part of the enjoyment of surfing is that the search for perfect waves is endless. Surfers are an inquisitive bunch with the likes of Canada, Poland and Norway featuring in the surf media these days. Closer to home most surfers head overseas to the warm water reef breaks of Bali and Fiji to score perfection.

Searching for home-grown perfection

However, it is whispered that the Great Barrier Reef can throw up barrels to rival Desert Point or Macaronis. The water is warm too so you can enjoy that boardshort freedom in the water.

When conditions aligned, Ben Wilson, the inaugural Australian Kitesurfing Champion, packed up his boat and headed out to sea in the hope of surfing the Great Barrier Reef.

surfing the Great Barrier Reef

surfing the Great Barrier Reef

Ben has been surveying the possibilities over two years and 15 trips usually departing from around Gladstone.

Being a true waterman Ben was able to make the best use of the conditions almost two hours out to sea – surfing when the winds were light and using the kite as the breeze picked up.

surfing the Great Barrier Reef

Make friends with the locals

Locals keep the exact location a secret, however, if you have a sense of adventure, the chance to score epic waves awaits after a little effort.

To prove that it isn’t just all sponsored champions surfing the Great Barrier Reef some local lads have also documented the search for waves in the area.

If you can’t sweet talk your way onto boat out to the Great Barrier Reef, this list of Queensland’s surf spots will keep you stoked.

Have you been out surfing the Great Barrier Reef?