You won’t believe what this filmmaker captured in Queensland (*cue all the feels*)

If you’ve never been to Queensland, sometimes it can be hard to build a picture in your mind of just how diverse this state really is. What natural wonders lie waiting to be explored; the locals who give each destination its soul.

Award-winning filmmaker, Matt Raimondo, has seen more of Queensland than most. Over the past five years he’s been all over the state filming characters and bring their stories to life.

But this goosebumps-inducing video, which just dropped two days ago, takes you on a journey from dawn to dusk, north to south, giving a glimpse into the lives of some pretty damn amazing locals over one perfect day.

Cobbold Gorge | You won't believe what this filmmaker captured in Queensland

“I could have simply focused on epic landscapes and drone shots but I wanted to really focus on the characters, which I always feel really connected to after having the experience of telling their individual stories,” Matt says.

The beauty of it is that these are all everyday Queenslanders who love where they live and are passionate about sharing that with others. They’re rangers, guides, farmers, professional athletes, adventurers, families, environmentalists, tourism operators, and custodians of the land.

Simply put; they are Queenslanders.

“It’s hard to pick a favourite,” says Matt when I ask him if he has a favourite scene. “They are all favourite moments from more than 15 shoots spread across two years.

baby turtles hatching season

“The hatchling turtle towards the start is pretty special to me (my favourite animal), also there’s a really surreal looking shot at Fraser Island where our character Peter is walking through the sand dunes and the wind is blowing the sand around and there’s some moody clouds in the background. At the time I couldn’t turn 180 degrees with the camera as it would have been trashed by the amount of sand that was blowing from the other direction!”

I also love all the footage of Geoff at Great Keppel Island and Lauren exploring Heron Island. We don’t usually get 100% perfect filming weather conditions but our 36 hours on Heron Island was absolutely spot on.

Heron Island | You won't believe what this filmmaker captured in Queensland

“We arrived in the late afternoon, I knew there was a full moon rise and so we literally got off the ferry and made a dash for the other side of the island, being introduced to Lauren for the first time as we lugged our gear through the forest. We started rolling some shots and the most epic full moon popped up (it’s the second last shot of film).”

When asked how Matt would spend his ideal day in Queensland, it’s easy for him to pick the spot.

Glass House Mountains | You won't believe what this filmmaker captured in Queensland

The video starts off with a shot off the Glass House Mountains, and they are also featured a few other times in the video,” he says. “That’s my special part of Queensland. I love the mountains, and I love to go rock climbing and hiking.”

What do you think? What would be in your ideal day?