Freshwater lake by Sean Scott 137832

9 reasons why a visit to Fraser Island should be top of your list

With its lush rainforest, sand dunes for days and over 100 freshwater lakes, Fraser Island or as the Butchulla people call it, ‘K’gari’ (meaning paradise) is the place to be now and when things start warming up.

Here’s why you need to visit, stat:

1. You can cool off in the crystal-clear waters of Lake McKenzie

The silica sand is so pure that it acts as a filter, giving the Lake McKenzie water incredible clarity.

2. Sand dunes for days

Fraser Island sand dunes photo by @kate_duffy

Photo by @kate_duffy

In fact, Fraser Island is the biggest sand island with World Heritage status so of course it’s riddled with sweet dunes.

3. Meet the local ‘good boy’


Photo by @wilsonarcher

Well, he’s not the only one. There are a few dingos on the island.

4. Float down Eli Creek

Yet another crystal-clear waterway (there are heaps). However, this one meets the ocean and pours about four million litres of fresh water into the sea every hour!

5. Marvel at this ol’ gal

Maheno Shipwreck Fraser Island photo by @snapair

Photo by @snapair

The S.S. Maheno beached on Fraser Island in 1935 and its rusting wreck makes for one sweet pic (even if you can’t hold a handstand long enough to grab this shot).

6. Chill in this natural jacuzzi

The waves crash into the pools and once they settle, you’re left with fizzing foam. Hence their name: Champagne Pools.

7. Have yourself a whaley cool experience

From August to October, you can watch humpback whales nurture their playful calves in Fraser Island’s protective waters.

8. Enjoy a summer sunset with #bae

Fraser Island walking along the sunset 136475
Fraser Island is 123km of natural sand beauty, so it’d be wrong not to sit on the beach and watch the sun disappear into the ocean.

9. The real starry night

(Excuse the van Gogh pun) But seriously though, the beauty continues even after dusk.

Already planning your trip? Here’s how you can spend 48 glorious hours on Fraser Island.