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Is Bedarra Island the most luxurious resort on the Great Barrier Reef?

If you were going to be a celebrity, wouldn’t you like to be a recluse?

As famous as Johnny Depp,
As curious as Banksy,
And as faceless as Daft Punk…

But with none of the pesky tabloid, scandal or gossip killing your craft?

Just as some celebrities can split their time between being in and out of the spotlight, holiday destinations can do the same disappearing act. It’s not magic, just good business and Bedarra Island Resort off the coast of Mission Beach has the famous-recluse act down pat.

This title is no mean feat considering this island resort has hosted more celebrities than you could imagine, stocks a trophy shelf that could rival Taylor Swift and Adele, and yet, is still so secluded, barely anyone even knows it exists.

We’ll let you behind the scenes to discover why this is the best luxury Great Barrier Reef experience you’ve probably never heard of.

You can arrive in rock star style

Helicopter | Bedarra IslandDid someone hear a drum roll? Nope, that’s just the rolling applause of Bedarra’s own helicopter slowing down to land on the beach where a welcome cocktail waits.  

Treat yo’self to an exclusive entrance (and exit) in Bedarra Island Resort’s private heli, where there’s only enough room for the pilot, you, a partner and kaftan collection.

Can’t run to a chopper? No worries, the 20-minute water taxi service from Mission Beach to Bedarra is just as impressive – this boat has wheels, transitioning from water to dryland like a wonderful cross-breed of mechanics. Seriously, this boat has legs.

You’ve got a pad with the ultimate privacy levels

Although you might be sharing the island with 18 other guests, chances are, you won’t see them.

You’d think the resort staff were up to some sort of conspiracy until you accidentally show up to the bar at the same time as someone else looking for the cocktail du jour.

If you do run into one another, it’s worth swapping stories about your villa. Each pad has a different layout, although king-sized beds, luxury baths, and private sundecks are guaranteed across the board.

If you happen to be in one of the villas with their very own plunge pool (worthy of an inflatable swan), you’ll have instant bragging rights for bar-side banter.

The entire island’s yours for the taking

Aerial | Bedarra IslandEven though there are two bays, 45-hectares of land, and a dense forest of pandanus and palm trees between you and the other guests on the island, if sharing isn’t your strong suit, you can also book out the entire resort to yourself.

It’ll set you back approx. $13,000 a night, but you’ll have the resort’s 10 villas and its restaurant at your disposal. Did someone say elopement goals?

The island has the credentials and awards to prove its price point

If you were looking for an overachiever, you’ve found one in Bedarra Island Resort.

This patch of paradise appears on every luxury list on the Queensland Blog (check them out here, here, and here), has taken home the 2018 Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Award (for small hotel, luxury hotel, best service, and romance), Number 1 Small Hotel in Australia 2017 (Tripadvisor), and gold for the Luxury Accommodation Category of the 2017 Queensland Tourism Awards… and that’s just from the last 12 months.

You don’t have to sacrifice luxury for sustainability

Luxury rooms | Bedarra Island

Photo by @oraclefox

You can sleep soundly at night knowing you’re staying in a luxury resort where a sustainable ethos pulls the strings.

Swapping out diesel generators for solar and turning the island’s desalination plant into a water storage space for natural spring water, Bedarra’s owners pioneered their war on waste debate long before supermarkets ever waded into the conversation.

You can explore the reef whenever you want to

If seeing the Great Barrier Reef on someone else’s watch is too pedestrian for you – visit anytime you please (during daylight hours that is) with kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, snorkelling gear and private dinghies available (all complimentary) from the resort. Simply launch at high tide from Wedgerock Bay and you’ll have Bedarra Reef all to yourself.

Of course, if you do prefer to have an experienced captain for your reef adventure, the manager can arrange a snorkelling, scuba or deep sea fishing charter for an additional cost.

Didn’t get enough of the helicopter on your way to the island? You can book a private scenic flight of the reef too.

Insta-worthy spread? Tick!

Letting everyone know you’re relaxing in a tropical paradise can be hungry work. Lucky this is not a deserted island where you need to worry about how you’ll fashion a spear out of a palm frond to pin a slow-moving fish.

On Bedarra Island, the resort’s restaurant has you covered breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus the all-important snacks in between.

Not into sitting in the restaurant? No bother. Switch up your view and order a gourmet hamper to take with you to the beach or pack into the resort’s dinghies for a picnic on nearby deserted Pee Rahm Ahh Island.

In case you were worried about going thirsty on this tropical island, don’t worry, a cocktail will never be out of arm’s reach. Oh, and the bar is open all. day. long.

There’s local love at its heart

It might be a luxury resort, but home is where the heart is for Bedarra Island co-owner and operator, Sam. 

Spending a chunk of his childhood on the island, Sam explored every inch, aiming to one day own the property himself. Proving dreams can come true, he now owns and runs it with his wife, Kerri-Ann. And yes, they do have the best job in the world.

You’ll be running on Island Time

Bedarra Island | 7 islands you can rent like a rock star

Photo by @oraclefox

You can leave your watch and wallet at home because once you step foot on Bedarra Island, you won’t need them.

The resort is all-inclusive, which means no extra payments or hands constantly dipping into pockets.

With your hands free for activities, all that’s left to do is let the sun dictate your schedule and let you know whether it’s lunch or dinner time.

This island’s not just for relaxing

If the ab-crunch required to rotate your body on a daybed for an even tan is not your idea of exercise, forget the flop and drop Bedarra experience and explore the rainforest on the island.

The resort staff will point you in the direction of one of the four short walking tracks that crisscross the south-east pocket of the island.

Cardio before cocktails, right?

Soon there’ll be a mainland option

Bedarra Island VillaIf you’d like to sandwich your luxury hotel experience with something on the mainland, never fear, a solution is in sight.

The Bedarra Island Resort team are in the midst of constructing a luxury bed and breakfast in Mission Beach.

The Bungalows three private villas are set to open in October 2018, so watch this space closely.

Chances are, it will also be hiding quietly in the tropics rather than launching with a confetti cannon. This group is the master of celebrity seclusion after all.

Have you been to Bedarra Island Resort?