6 street art spots you must visit in Yeppoon

In Queensland, urban street art isn’t just reserved for the big smoke. No way, Jose!

There are fragments of outdoor installations and sneaky graffiti murals across the state and even in temperate coastal towns like Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast.

From Emu Park to Barry Street and into the Yeppoon Town Centre, you’ll find modern street art flaring vivid colour across this regional community.

Next time you’re in town, blow up your Instagram with these rad works of art.

Pie Alley: The First Street Art in Yeppoon

Pie Alley Yeppoon - OutThere Co

Pie Alley Yeppoon - OutThere Co

Location: Off Normanby Street
Artists: Bill and Luke Gannon

To visitors, the Pie Alley street art might be just another mural. But, to Yeppoon locals, it symbolises hope and captures a bit of the town’s history.

For decades a beloved bakery once stood in Pie Alley and it was known as “the spot” to grab a warm pie in the wee hours of the morning (after a big night on the town). But, once it closed its doors, the cold mornings got a little colder.

After Tropical Cyclone Marcia blasted through the town in 2015, the community morale was low, so a father and son art-duo was commissioned to paint Pie Alley to stimulate recovery efforts and lift spirits. They knew exactly what to paint and their black and white mural of three pastry chefs time-stamped the laneway with its pie-reputation.

Today, the bakery’s shopfront has been renovated and re-opened as a blues bar and restaurant smartly called Pie Alley Blues.

Yeppoon Town Centre Carpark

Yeppoon Carpark Dog in Pram - OutThere Co

Yeppoon Carpark Lion Fish - OutThere Co

Yeppoon Carpark Table Tennis - School Students art

Yeppoon Carpark Busby Marou - wide - OutThere Co

Location: Corner of Hill Street and Queen Street
Artists: Out There Co

Cruise through the Town Centre Carpark and you’ll find more than a parking spot.

In fact, you’ll come across a pup in a stroller, a table tennis match and a lionfish plastered across the brick carpark walls.

You could even snag a pic in front of a large mural of the region’s own rising music stars; Busby Marou. (Catch them for One Hot Night in Rockhampton later this year.)

The Yeppoon Library

Yeppoon Library - Groucho Marx Dog Book - OutThereCo

Yeppoon Library - Groucho Marx Dog Book - OutThereCo

Location: John Street
Artists: Out There Co

As a tribute to comedian Groucho Marx, the Out There Co artist-crew plastered the town’s library wall with a couple of his famous quotes.

The Yeppoon Kraken

Barry Street Kraken artwork - Martin Schlick Mash Designs

Location: Barry Street
Artist: Martin Schlick from Mash Designs

Stretched along Barry Street is the Yeppoon Kraken, a vibrant 3D piece that spells Yeppoon at the start and ends with the tentacles sneaking into a door.

Fun fact: This work of art has even been used as a backdrop for a local high school’s formal (prom for our American friends) photos.

Chapter Laneway

Community Street Art - Chapter Coffee - Shop Yeppoon

Location: Hill Street
Artists: Community Artists

This little laneway has amphitheatre-style seating underneath a staircase that overlooks some of the hidden alleyway street art.

It’s in this laneway that you’ll find, Chapter – a coffee shop and bookstore owned and operated by a local brother and sister team.

The cafe has a service window directly into the laneway where you can chill amongst the street art with a coffee and a good book.

Emu Park Murals

Simon McLean Artwork Emu Park @capcoastlife

Photo by @capcoastlife

Simon McLean via Livingstone Shire Council

Photo via Livingstone Shire Council

Location: Emu Park
Artists: Simon McLean and Rosie Woods

Yeppoon has really caught the street art bug and you’ll find pop-up installations almost everywhere – including Emu Park which is 20 minutes south of the Town Centre!

From bright cockatoos to funny comic-strip style murals, you’ll have a blast hunting down the street art along the coastline.

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Have you seen the street art in Yeppoon? Which is your favourite piece?