18 travel blogs to follow in 2018

18 travel bloggers you need to follow in 2018

No matter what stage of life you’re at, travel beckons with every Instagram or Facebook scroll.

You can go from an animal safari in Africa to the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef in just one thumb movement, all without passing customs, quarantine, or border control all thanks to travel blogs.

Whether you’re a skint uni student, a slave of the nine-to-wine, or a parent looking to get away from with the rugrats, travel-inspo reminds us of the world outside of our own, and the need to see it, ALL of it.

Each year, we get our cyberstalk on and uncover the crème-de-la-crème of the travel blogger-world to bring you a list that inspires travel to the farthest corners of Queensland. You can check out our previous annual round-ups here, here, here, and here.

Note: To make it onto the list, these travel bloggers are or have previously been:

  • Living in Australia;
  • Writing about Australia; or
  • Providing a valuable resource for people visiting Australia

Get inspired and plan your next adventure (could it be Queensland?) with these travel blogs:

The Dedicated Travel Blogs

With Hakuna Matata as their motto, these globetrotters know how to bring some serious travel cred to the table with these travel blogs.

1. Mark Fitz

Tropical North Queensland | 18 travel blogs to follow in 2018

Photo by @_markfitz via IG

Photographer-turned-blogger and Queensland local, Mark Fitz knows his tropical island paradises, having travelled up and down the east coast countless times. Capturing palm-fringed sunsets, ice-blue waters, and sand so white it gives HiSmile a run for its money, Mark has your never-ending island escapes on tap.

2. Island Jems

For a daily update of the vibrant colours and marine life of the Great Barrier Reef, Jemma Craig has got you covered on her blog, Island Jems. Spending her days diving the reef and capturing the beauty of this underwater oasis, Jemma proves she is the ultimate mermaid.

3. Breathing Travel

Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast | 18 travel blogs to follow in 2018

Photo by @breathingtravel via IG

German-born Carolin owes her life on the road to her favourite country (her words not ours), Australia. Her international studies turned into backpacking across the country and sparked a love for travel and new, wacky experiences. Follow Breathing Travel as she treks through jungles, bungee-jumps from buildings, and lives like a local in foreign lands.

4. Beard and Curly

Obsessed with natural structures, Yana and Timon are the duo behind Beard and Curly, conquering every mountain they meet. They were last seen in Queensland chasing waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands.

5. The Hatchling

Paronella Park | 18 travel blogs to follow in 2018

Photo by @thehatchling via IG

You can spot her fiery red hair in an Instagram scroll, but The Hatchling‘s fierceness is channelled into her quest for a never-ending feed of jaw-dropping backdrops. She shares the magic of her fairytale escapades like her recent trip through the mystical Atherton Tablelands.

6. My Colourful World

Yup, you guessed it, Katie Purling from My Colourful World is on a search for colour. It takes her to all corners of the planet to places that make us go ‘take me there ASAP’. Her dreamy filters bring us on the journey and give us those remember-when-we-did-that vibes (even though we so have not been there, done that). She recently shared her hometown ‘hood of Tropical North Queensland, galloping around the Atherton Tablelands, Mission Beach, and Cairns.

7. Tara Milk Tea

The Whitsundays | 18 travel blogs to follow in 2018

Photo by @taramilktea via IG

Think quaint, fairy-floss infused versions of the most stunning spots across the globe. Hooked on Tara Milk Tea? We are too. Check out her recent frolicking amongst the swirling hues of The Whitsundays.

The Lifestyle and Travel Blogs

These guys fuse together awesome locations with their on-the-road way of life to bring the ultimate lifestyle and travel blogs.

8. Lichipan

The Whitsundays | 18 travel blogs to follow in 2018

Photo by @lichipan via IG

Sydney-based architect graduate Li-chi Pan takes her love for structure, composition, and minimalism and turns her interpretations into addictive content for her followers. Succumbing to her sweet tooth wherever she goes, her candy-coloured feed allures you into a world of symmetry, florals, and macaroons. Not convinced? Check out her take on Audi Race Week on Hamilton Island.

9. The Fashion Heist

This one is for the fashionistas with a fascination for travel. Brisbane-based stylist Aicha Robertson from The Fashion Heist teams her look with her location, seamlessly integrating travel with the perfect outfit to ensure she’s 100%, one hundred percent of the time. Want to see more? Check out how she made a pebble beach and a rainforest accentuate her dress.

10. The Tia Fox

Noosa Sofitel | 18 travel blogs to follow in 2018

Photo by @thetiafox via IG

Freshen up your daily dose of Insta-inspo with a peek into the good life with Melanie from The Tia Fox, who recently spent a lavish weekend in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. Her life in transit isn’t complete without a buffet breakfast, a perfectly manicured outfit (including a magnificent makeup kit), and a fitting accessory, from a Gucci Bag to an inflatable watermelon. #extra.

11. Elsa’s Wholesome Life

Dedicated to a plant-based, nutritious and balanced lifestyle, Ellie Bullen from Elsa’s Wholesome Life is the sun-kissed, bohemian beauty floating from continent to continent providing us with stress-free summer vibes. Her homeland reigns supreme in her newsfeed though – and a recent visit to Magnetic Island revealed this secret side to the Great Barrier Reef.

12. Food Feels

Whithaven Beach, The Whitsundays | 18 travel blogs to follow in 2018

Photo by @food_feels via IG

While it might look like your typical stomach-grumble triggering food-inspo, Food Feels is so much more. Follow the taste buds of James as he eats his way around the world, sharing the different cuisines with jaw-dropping backdrops of their origins.

The Travel Vlogs

A picture may speak a thousand words, but when your whole life is an adventure, video travel blogs are the way to go.

13. The Wanderfull Lyfe

Ellinjaa Falls | 18 travel blogs to follow in 2018

Photo by @thewanderfullyfe via IG

If you still have to ask why to the ‘y’ in ‘Lyfe’ after giving The Wanderfull Lyfe a cyber stalk, then this isn’t the vlog for you. This carefree and cheeky couple are taking on the world and getting up mischief. They are living proof that #couplegoals is more than just a hashtag.

14. Sailing la Vagabonde

If your idea of paradise is recording distance by nautical miles, waking up to the sway of the waves, and escaping solid ground, then this YouTube channel is your new obsession. You might also like to check out their Whitsundays sailing tips here.

The Mummy [and Daddy] Travel Blogs

Not to be underestimated, these parents with a purpose are taking on the world with their travel blogs and their littlies in tow.

15. The Sleep Mama

18 travel blogs to follow in 2018

Photo by @thesleepmama via IG

Travelling with twins is tough, but Kylie Camps from The Sleep Mama takes one for the team. She reports back with tips, from what to pack to what activities are good to go or no-go’s. Check out how her recent trip to The Whitsundays went here.

16. Jetsetting Kids

By the looks of her Instagram, Paula’s two sons live it up hopping from adventure to adventure. But step across to her blog and you’ll soon understand the hard work of a travelling parent, and the rewards it brings.

17. The Blonde Nomads

Heron Island | 18 travel blogs to follow in 2018

Photo by @theblondenomads via IG

The true ‘life on the road’ family takes the form of Rob, Tracy, Marli, and Ziggy – AKA The Blonde Nomads. Selling everything they owned to live in a van and travel to their heart’s content around Queensland and the rest of Australia, this family know how to travel.

18. Boy Eats World

There’s nothing like a snack to keep the kids happy while on the road. When Aleney De Winter discovered her son’s inner-foodie and her daughter’s sense of fearless adventure, an obsession with travel and cuisine was born. Warning, don’t read this blog hungry.

What are some of your favourite travel blogs? Share in the comments below