5 photos that’ll make you want to drop everything and chase Wallaman Falls

It looks like something King Kong would have in his backyard on Skull Island, but Wallaman Falls is a bona fide Queenslander. Although photos can’t compare to seeing it up close, here’s 5 that prove why you need to see this natural-wonder IRL.

1. Have you ever seen a waterfall in full #beastmode?


That’s right! This waterfall is a beast that stands at 268 metres (that’s about 879ft for my American friends). In fact, it’s over twice the height of the London Eye!

2. It’s Australia’s highest permanent single drop waterfall


Ignore TLC and forget the rivers and lakes that you’re used to. You can chase this waterfall every single day of the year. Yass!

3. It flows all year round

And in monsoon season (November – April), it’s thunderous water rises to a deafening roar that can be heard before you even see the falls.

4. It’s untamed and unapologetic


Photo by @chlone10

You literally trek through jungle to get to it! And, there’s not a house in sight or any sign of development nearby.

5. And, it’s closer than you think


Wallaman Falls is about a 2.5hour drive north-west from Townsville North Queensland. Follow the signs and you’ll find it in Girringun National Park.

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