5 reasons why you need a working holiday in Queensland

6 reasons to take a working holiday in Queensland

Travelling the world can be exhilarating, but when your time is limited, you risk missing the best parts. So it makes sense to stay in one place, take your time and live like a local on a working holiday.

Achieving that coveted work-life balance is much easier when you work on an island, at an Outback paradise, on a boat exploring the Great Barrier Reef, or surrounded by a World Heritage-listed rainforest, which is why Queensland is the perfect destination for a working holiday.

With the best office views around and an adventure around every corner, here are six reasons why you should sign up for a working holiday in Queensland.

1. You can get to know the best state in the country on a deeper level

It’s one thing to visit, but a longer stay means more time to explore the diverse state and instil the Queenslander spirit inside you. With the extra time you gain during your working holiday in Queensland, you’ll be able to learn the local secrets, drilling deeper than the typical tourist hot spots and seeing more of the area than you would if only visiting.

Take Cairns for example. If you were just passing through on a holiday, you’d probably focus on ticking off the Heart Reef, Fitzroy Island and crocodile spotting in the Daintree river. But now that you have more time, you can explore the oldest and best-preserved lava tube systems in the world, swim with dwarf minke whales, take a Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk at the Mossman Gorge Centre, and discover Fitzroy Island’s lesser known neighbour, The Frankland Islands. Plus, there are all these other incredible must-dos in Tropical North Queensland.

2. The weather is perfect all year round

Rick Shores | working holiday Queensland

With between 280 and 320 days of sunshine a year, Queensland is the epitome of perfect working holiday conditions. Whether you’re working on the fruit fields in Bundaberg or a beachfront cafe on the Gold Coast, the warm temperatures and blue skies are sure to make the fact you’re technically working not seem true.

Let’s not forget that sunshine is also thought to increase the brain’s release of serotonin – the hormone that boosts your mood and helps you feel calm and focused. No wonder Queenslanders have a happy-go-lucky attitude!

3. You can explore while earning money

Mission Beach | working holiday Queensland

Working while away will give you the extra funds you need to get out and explore properly. Don’t be worried about getting into the routine of all work and no play, it’s not our style here in Queensland. With glorious weather for most of the year and a stunning backdrop everywhere you turn, it won’t take long before you’re following the locals’ lead and getting up at sunrise to squeeze in a morning surf before work or spending your sunny afternoons chasing waterfalls, hiking through National Parks or kayaking into the sunset.

As for the weekends, there’s always a road trip to be had. If you’re based in Brisbane, try these day trips or spend a long weekend in Noosa or the Granite Belt. Working in Cairns? These are the best ways to spend a day off in Cairns, or take a long weekend to explore Outback Queensland.

4. You’ll get to know the locals better

Rock wallabies | things to do Magnetic Island

Photo by @vaniivanity

There’s always a Queenslander out and about willing to help, point you in the right direction, and tell you their favourite local hangouts. The fun, laid-back Aussie lifestyle is contagious and once you catch it, you won’t want to let it go!

Our native animals love making new friends, too. You’ll get used to kangaroos wandering around, the cackling of the kookaburras, and the great eight will be your new crew. If you want to get up close to Queensland’s native wildlife, check out these top animal encounters, or head to Fraser Island to see dingoes roaming free, feed wild rock wallabies on Magnetic Island, and swim with manta rays and turtles while snorkelling off Lady Elliot Island.

5. It hardly feels like work with jobs this fun

Citrus Picking | working holiday Queensland

The last thing you want is to go on a working holiday in Queensland and spend so much time stuck in the daily grind that you forget to have fun. Queensland is a laid-back state where even its biggest city, Brisbane, has a chilled out vibe. Not keen on city living? There are plenty of small towns (from beachside to bush and outback) and picture-perfect places to find work that are sure to tip that work-life balance in favour of living your best life.

With jobs like fruit picking, farming, scuba diving instructor, working on an island resort and more on the list of potentials, it’s the dream destination for anyone who prefers the great outdoors to a desk job.

The more time you spend in Queensland, the more you will fall in love with its scenery and wildlife. If you want to make a positive lasting impression while you’re here, there are plenty of eco ventures you can support:

6. You’re well-placed for a long list of unforgettable experiences

Daintree | camping in the tropics

Photo by @xendoncross

Queensland is the perfect base for ticking off some incredible bucket list items. It has so many treasures dabbled throughout the state, including five World Heritage sites, some of the best diving spots around the globe, and one of only two everglades in the world. You can even rent an entire island on a backpacker’s paycheck at Coombe Island.

If it’s natural beauty you seek during your working holiday in Queensland, make your way to all 10 of Queensland’s most spectacular places.

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