6 animals with attitude and where to find them

With an average of 8-9 hours of sunshine every day and more than 200 national parks, Queensland provides a playground for some of the world’s most unique wildlife. And they all come with big personalities. We set out with a camera and found six animals that impressed us with their attitude and we simply had to share their hilarious mannerisms.

1. The Koala

I'm outta here!

I’m outta here!

When not nibbling on Eucalyptus leaves or sleeping, these lazy koalas climb from tree to tree to secure an even better branch to nap against. You can spot and even hold these cuddly creatures at Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast.

2. The Kangaroo

What? What did you say?

What? What did you say?

These dopey kangaroos can be seen all over Queensland but the best spot to snap a pic of them is at Cape Hillsborough National Park approximately 45 minutes north of Mackay. Imagine candy coloured skies as the sun rises over the mountains and reflects onto the calm waters as kangaroos quietly lounge around and enjoy the view. Ahh, the serenity!

3.The Dingo

Move over I'm hungry!

Mmmm good to the last bite!

Visit the largest sand island in the world and you’ll spot dingoes strutting their stuff down its 75 mile (90 odd kms) long beach. World Heritage Listed Fraser Island is home to a few hundred dingoes that wander the island. Funnily enough, Dingo Beach in the Whitsundays is not home to any dingoes!

4. The Wombat

Did someone say cake?!

Did someone say cake?!

Meet Wattle, the resident common wombat at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast. Born on News Years Day 2016, her favourite snacks are sweet potato and carrot. She enjoys early morning rises, digging, and playing in her luxurious enclosure which is the largest wombat enclosure in the Southern Hemisphere. You can catch Wattle wandering around the zoo or in her wombat wagon when she is tired.

5. The Cockatoo

Party time!

Who’s ready to par-tay!

Known for their white feathers (almost as white as the sand on Whitehaven Beach) and their distinctive bright yellow mohawk, these mischievous birds can mostly be found chirping away in the Whitsundays (especially Hamilton Island). Enjoying the island life as much as visitors, the friendly creatures are often found gossiping amongst themselves on hotel balconies. 

6. The Kookaburra

Thank God it's Friday! #TGIF

Thank God it’s Friday! #TGIF

These cheeky buggers are found all over Queensland, especially in national parks, just listen out for their cackle!

Have you spotted these animals in Queensland?