19 of the best travel blogs to follow in 2017

If you had to sum up the definition of dream job – a professional, profitable travel blogger is up there with chief ice-cream taster on the enviable professions list.

At least, that’s how it looks to the corporate crew, whose most exotic daily outing requires a swipe card to discover (here’s looking at you lunch room!).

It’s not all fluffy robes, monogrammed slippers and bed turndown service, though. Travel bloggers pound the pavement, scour the streets and memorise menus, to share their adventures (and misadventures) with us, so we can perfect ours.

Hats off to these 19 travel bloggers (in no particular order) who go the extra mile with their stories, videos and photographs to bring us a daily dose of wanderlust.

Caveat: All the bloggers on this list are, at the time of writing, either:

  • living in Australia;
  • writing about Australia exclusively; or
  • providing a valuable resource for people visiting Australia.

19 of the best travel blogs to follow in 2017 |

1. Summersite

For a daily dose of surf, sand and swimwear – you’ll want to follow Summersite to join their quest for eternal summer. With more banging bods than the Victoria’s Secret runway, Summersite is a serious source of water-based travel ideas. Check out their take on Whitehaven Beach.

2. Adventure Mumma

If we could transplant into another family for five minutes, we reckon Kate Richards’ (aka Adventure Mumma) Cairns-based tribe would be the way to go. No two weekends look the same for this fantastic four, who share their Tropical North Queensland doorstep with their readers.

3. Guillaume Cornet

If a picture tells a thousand words, a video must tell a million – or that’s what we think delving into Guillaume Cornet’s vlog. His current muse? Queensland of course! 

4. The Global Goddess

For travel stories that could very well have their own comedy routine, tune into Christine Retschlag’s witty take on the world. When she’s not writing for travel sections like Escape, she’s The Global Goddess looking for love on every continent. For a good chuckle, make sure you read about the time she meditated with a horse.

5. Little Grey Box

If dreamy photographs and inspirational musings are your bag box – take a peek into Phoebe & Matt’s Little Grey Box. From travel guides to helpful videos, Little Grey Box is more helpful than a concierge at a five-star hotel. See what they had to say about Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.

6. Together We Roam

Making a career out of travelling with two kids under seven might be most people’s idea of hell, but not for Rene Young (Together We Roam), who makes it look seamless and tantrum free. When this family of four aren’t adventuring overseas, they love exploring their own backyard.

7. The Fit Traveller

If you’ve ever regrettably gained a few kilos while travelling, bookmark The Fit Traveller and stat. Skye Gilkeson, aka The Fit Traveller, is the oracle of all things health and wellness. She’s not all cardio and no carbs – she’s an expert when it comes to luxury in moderation. Look what happened when she flowed into Wanderlust on the Sunshine Coast.

8. School Mum

Sam Jockel has more hours in the day than a normal human. When she’s not writing for School Mum, you’ll find her penning for her other mega-blog, Aldi Mum from her Brisbane base. Aside from dishing out lunchbox hacks, Sam brings the goods when it comes to travelling with kids. She’s a fan of whale watching in Hervey Bay and knows what to look for in accommodation when the ratbags are in tow.

9. Department of Wandering

Welcome to the travel information jackpot! The Department of Wandering is your one-stop-shop for travel tips, beautiful images and lists, to ensure you hit the ground running when you arrive in your destination. Check out their top tips in Tropical North Queensland.

10. Genuine Journeys

Sue Gough-Henly has more passport stamps to her name than a character in Narcos. When she’s not blogging, she’s an award-winning travel writer for titles like The Australian. With an entire category dedicated to where to “sleep, spa, shop” – Genuine Journeys is a blog worth bookmarking.

11. Wanderstories

They’re young, Townsville-based and sure know how to drone like a #boss (like this time on Magnetic Island). This German and Aussie duo aka Wanderstories have the midas touch when it comes to videos. If you aren’t following them already – do – they’re about to head off on an east coast road trip in January 2017 and epic content is guaranteed.

12. Sarah Holmes

Meet the Brisbane-based, Korean speaking YouTube superstar Sarah Holmes. Combining the concrete jungle of Seoul with real ones in Australia – it’s a cultural fusion – like when she went searching for humpback whales off Moreton Island.

13. Life in Transit

It’s fitting that Jarrad Seng’s blog is called Life in Transit. This is a man who quite literally lives in airports – in fact, he took 92 flights in 2016. On his blog, you’ll find the stories and behind-the-scenes pictures that inspire @jarradseng and @onedayislowlyfloatedaway.

14. Gypsea Lust

Without a doubt Lauren Bullen aka @gypsea_lust is the embodiment of wanderlust. This pint-sized photographer recently took the plunge into travel blogging to accompany the images from her enviable Instagram account. Read more about this trip she did with Toyota and Queensland.

15. Wanderlust Storytellers

One part mummy blog, one part travel blog – Wanderlust Storytellers comfortably straddles the space between family travel and luxury parent stays. Get inspired with their take on walks around the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

16. 2 Aussie Travellers

A husband and wife duo makes up the 2AussieTravllers, who have more information than a guidebook when it comes to ‘where stay and play’ around the world. Tune into their blog for fuss-free advice on how to hit the ground running and maximise your time in any destination.

17. Urban Sweat

For health and wellbeing advice so good that you’ll feel tight and toned just reading it, turn into Urban Sweat, our favourite fitness hub for healthy holiday ideas. They might be Sydney-based for now – but watch our world – they’ll be coming atcha – one matcha latte at a time.

18. Bare Kiwi

He’s as cheeky as his name suggests – so expect irreverence when Kyle shares his adventures on Bare Kiwi. This small town NZ boy has an appetite for adventure – and you can count on him to write up adrenalin-educing explorations.

19. Frugal Frolicker

Lindsay Buckley did what most of us only dream of doing – jumping off the corporate conveyor belt and taking up something new like travel blogging. Just like that, from the boroughs of New York, Frugal Frolicker was born. Did I mention she’s a cracking photographer too? Read her take on Hinchinbrook Island.

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