15 of the best wild Queensland holidays

If you’ve travelled many miles to get here, we’re betting you didn’t come to Queensland to have a sedate drop and flop holiday (though we have plenty of options if you did).

With some of Australia’s most epic wilderness, wildlife ranging from the cuddly to the terrifying, and adrenalin-packed adventure that will take you above, below and immerse you right into the world’s oldest rainforests and Great Barrier Reef, let’s just say, there are plenty of ways to go a little wild on your Queensland holidays.

Throw caution to the wind – smile at a crocodile, fling yourself from a plane, go diving at night or set out conquer wild and wonderful landscapes.

Here are some of the wildest Queensland holidays around.


1. Stand face-to-face with the world’s most ancient forests, the Gondwana Rainforests.

2. Have a heart-in-mouth moment: drop towards the Great Barrier Reef at high speed on a sky-diving trip. Or, take the whole reef in from a bird’s perspective with a helicopter ride.

3. Wildlife winning; hug a koala, smile at a crocodile, feed wild dolphins, wave to a minke whale, and watch the secret lives of more than a thousand fish unfold before you on a snorkelling trip. | WIld Queensland Holidays | Minke Whale

4. Creature of the night? Sink below the surface and hang with the undersea night’s watch thanks to an otherworldly night scuba.

5. Surf the best breaks in Queensland, then jump on a jet boat for extra adrenalin. | Wild Queensland Holidays

6. Channel your inner-science nerd to learn all about the marine ecosystems on Lady Elliott Island.

7. To the early riser go the sunrise spoils; hop in a hot air balloon to glide majestically over the Scenic Rim, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Cairns. | Wild Queensland Holidays |Hot Air Ballooning

8. Try surfing of a different kind in the jungle canopy of Tropical North Queensland. Then when the sun goes down, take an adventurous night walk. | Wild Queensland Holidays

9. Whip up a sand storm as you fly down the face of the dunes of North Stradbroke Island, Fraser or Moreton Island.

10. Go off-road with a 4WDing holiday, or gather your gal pals and head to Fraser Island.

11. Get back to nature on these Queensland walks before chasing all the waterfalls, or heading to a national park for camping and hiking. | Queensland holidays | Elabana Falls, Lamington National Park by @swaller4

Elabana Falls, Lamington National Park by @swaller4

12. Go on a deep sea fishing trip and come back with your own tall fish tale to tell.

13. Get Wet’n’Wild, then have even more fun at one of Queensland’s other theme parks.

14. Stay on a secluded island at the Great Barrier Reef’s Wild North region; try Lizard or Haggerstone Island. | Wild Queensland Holidays | Lizard Island

Lizard Island

15. Watch a little turtle hatchling take its first breaths at Mon Repos, before snorkelling with grown-up turtles and manta rays at Lady Elliot Island.

What wild Queensland holidays have you been on?