Why you need to fish the Fraser Coast

Why you should fish Hervey Bay & the Fraser Coast right now

Picture this: I ran out of bait twice and I wasn’t even in a boat. Every cast got a me either a fish or a strong bite. Was this real?

Yes, it’s real and it’s spectacular.

The Fraser Coast brings to the table a seafood buffet. Do you like tuna? Yep! Maybe HUGE flathead? Sure. Maybe a mackerel so big you might think you’re 40km offshore on a charter but really you’re on a pier within a few hundred metres of shore? Yeah, too easy.

This is why you need to fish the Fraser Coast.

The piers

Hervey Bay is at the doorstep of Fraser Island and everyone knows that’s a good enough reason to visit already.

Then there are the piers.

Urangan Pier is 868 metres of fishing pleasure. It jabs out from Hervey Bay straight into the middle of a festival of hungry fish.

Drop your line in the water and watch your bait disappear into a fish mouth. Day or night, high or low tide, it doesn’t matter, this piece of man-made joy delivers the good consistently.

If you’re heading out to Fraser Island, chances are you caught the barge from River Heads, which is great because it lands at Kingfisher Bay Resort – and another amazing pier.

This one’s a little smaller (well most piers are compared to Urangan Pier), but the fishing is equal to, if not greater, than its big brother.

A quick walk from the resort will deliver you to a shed where you can rent all your fishing gear. This is a great option if you came here for a ‘romantic escape’ and you just happen to wake up early one morning.

The beaches

Buckle up in your 4WD ready and head to 75-mile Beach for all the space you could ask for when beach fishing. Until you start catching big ones, then you’ll be surprised at home many fishermen just ‘happen to show up’.

Don’t have a 4WD? Safari 4WD Hire, Fraser Magic 4WD Hire, Fraser Dingo Four Wheel Drive Hire and Atlas 4WD Hire have all the wheels you’ll ever need. Bonus, they’ll work out the permits, accommodation and camping permits for you.

Back on the mainland, the beaches of Torquay and Coonarr (a 4.2km stretch of gaping fish mouths) are paradise for families with a craving for fresh fish without having to trek to Fraser.

If you’re unlucky and don’t catch anything (doubtful), head to Coast Restaurant for a great meal and atmosphere that will soon make you forget about your fishing woes. In the more likely scenario, in which you have caught more fish than you can handle, come here to celebrate!

The river and straits

If you’re lucky enough to have a boat, you better hit the gym right now. Start doing bicep curls and back exercises because your arms are going to fall off once you hook onto the monsters that lurk around here.

You can launch your boat from River Heads or the Urangan Marina., then cruise up the Great Sandy Strait and hook up massive flathead and prize-winning bream. After that. mosey around the north side of Fraser Island and seek out some of the largest giant trevally this side of Darwin.

If you’re a first-time visitor or don’t have the GPS knowledge to get the most out of your boat trip then a charter is the best option.

Hervey Bay is in no short supply of fishing charters. Fraser Guided Fishing, Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing and Hervey Bay Fishing Charters are the cream of the crop. Considering I was able to catch enough fish to feed me for a week off the pier, these guys will have you buying a second, third or fourth Esky to fit your catch in.

Mary River - Why you need to fish the Fraser Coast

And if you don’t feel like going out into the deep blue, swing into Maryborough and launch your boat into the Mary River to casually pull in 1.2-metre barramundi or some of the sexiest cod you’ve ever seen.

The fish buffet

When I was walking down Urangan Pier I saw a group of teenagers pulling a mini trailer with about 15 rods in it. I laughed inside my head and thought ‘what could they possibly need all those for’?

Well, you need one for jigging live bait, one for throwing soft plastics, one for spoons or surface lures, and then you need some serious tackle because those giant Spanish mackerel laugh at anything that isn’t as thick as eucalyptus tree.

I only had one rod.

Even under-prepared for Urangan Pier’s awesomeness I was able to snag bream, sweet lip, cod, flathead and some fish I didn’t even know existed.

But those kids with their crazy set up (they were using balloons as bait floats) were pulling in some massive fish. Consistently.

Bring your tackle box, all your rods and then sit back and make up a new shopping list because the Fraser Coast always has somewhere else to fish. It’s the best feeling when you start making return plans even before your first lunch break.

Are planning a fishing trip to the Fraser Coast? Let us know in the comments below!