Brisbane Brocation

8 signs your Brisbane boys footy trip won’t be like The Hangover

Nope, this is not a plot for The Hangover 4. Nor is it a bucks night that ends with a tiger in the bathroom and a chicken in the bedroom. Vegas here just happens to be ‘BrisVegas’, an affectionate name for Queensland’s capital city of Brisbane, and the home ground for an epic weekend of football that sees three super matches over three days in July.

Oh, it’s also the jump off point for a guys’ getaway that has nothing to do with Nevada.

Here are eight signs that a Queensland football ‘brocation’ this July is not going to end like a plot out of The Hangover.

1: You don’t sleep on buildings, you climb them

SkyPoint Climb

We’re not suggesting you leave an inebriated mate on a hotel rooftop ala Doug, but we do support climbing to the top of the world’s fifth tallest building with SkyPoint in the Q1 building (rules are you have to do it sober. Beware, there’s a breathalyser test at the slightest hint you’ve been on the sauce).

Once you’re styled up in a bat-grey onesie, you can climb 77 storeys high and chase the Gold Coast panorama. At the top, there’s a chance to stretch that carabiner clip to the limit and lean out over the edge – hands free!

SkyPoint Climb
Where: Q1 building, Surfers Paradise.
Open: Morning, day and twilight climbs are available.
Prices: Starts at $69 for a day or twilight climb

2: You can jump off a building while on fire. Legally.

Stunt Academy Gold Coast

Jump off a building while on fire, pure Jackie Chan – or Allan Chow – style with Stunt Academy about 50 minutes south of Brisbane. The full-day course will have you doing stage combat, swordplay, flying on wires and yes… lighting yourself and jumping off a building. Now, that’s a gig sure to heat up a footy weekend.

Stunt Academy
Where: Nerang, 20 minutes from Surfers Paradise.
Open: Check course dates on their website.
Prices: Half-day courses start from $299 pp. Three-week courses are also available.

3: You can jump out of a plane that’s higher than any building

You know that scene out of Hangover III when Mr Chow jumps out of a towering casino and parasails down to a busy Vegas road? Well, in Queensland, you can do better than that.

Take the big daddy of them all with Jump the Beach Brisbane or Gold Coast Skydive and ‘chute out of a plane 12,000 feet or more above sea level, before slowly wafting down to the sand.

Gold Coast Skydive
Where: Kirra Beach
Open: Daily, jumps start from 7.30am and go every hour until 5.30pm.
Prices: Starts at $365 pp.

Jump the Beach Brisbane
Where: Redcliffe, 30 minutes out of Brisbane City.
Open: Every Saturday and Sunday, call for available times.
Prices: Starts at $369 pp, but be sure to check out their specials! (There’s currently a winter special for $299 pp.)

4: You can be an action hero but not get hurt

Movie World Hollywood Stunt Driver

Photo by @evanharding via IG

What’s a brocation without going superhero style and experiencing a car chase or two? At Movie World, you can watch death-defying stunts at the Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 – or make like a comic book hero and do the white knuckle Superman Escape ride.

Movie World
Where: Helensvale on the Gold Coast.
Open: Daily from 9.30am to 5pm.
Prices: VIP Magic pass to three parks start from $79.99 for a one-day pass.

5: Your brocation will be in the water, not the desert

Surf Gold Coast

The original Hangover movie was filmed in Las Vegas, a solid four hours drive from any ocean action. On the Gold Coast, just one hour south of Brisbane, there’s 70km of flawless beaches with perfect waves waiting for some ‘hang ten’ heroics.

You can learn to surf at any number of spots, but if you want a guarantee that you’ll stand up or get your money back, then book a lesson with Get Wet Surf School in Main Beach.

Get Wet Surf School
Where: Main Beach, Gold Coast.
Open: Surf lessons daily at 10am and 1pm (with more hours during peak times).
Prices: Scheduled two-hour daily learn to surf classes start from $55 per adult.

6: Your jet boat ride will start and finish IN the water

Jet Boat

As extreme as the fast-boat scenes out of The Hangover II, the difference with Ocean Jet boating on the Sunshine Coast – one hour north of Brisbane – is that you start in the water and end in the water.

In between that, it’s just like the big screen chase with rib jumps, duck tails, figure 8s and other crazy manoeuvres. When the boat stills for a second or two, keep your eyes peeled, as in Noosa and Mooloolaba you may even spot a dolphin or two.

Ocean Rider
Where: Noosa, Sunshine Coast.
Open: Days and times are dependent on number of bookings so call ahead to see what’s available.
Prices: One-hour thrill rides cost $79 pp.

Mooloolaba Jet Boat
Where: Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast.
Open: Days and times are dependent on number of bookings so call ahead to see what’s available.
Prices: One-hour jet boating is $80 pp.

7: You can climb in the footsteps of some beer-loving bros

Story Bridge Climb

Action heroes like Bradley Cooper would probably abseil off the Story Bridge (very possible and very bookable, too) but for a group of guys, we say do the Story Bridge Adventure Climb, one of only three bridge climbs in the world.

Aside from trotting up a 1000 steps for a bird’s view of the city, you also get to hear how a bunch of beer-loving blokes stopped the road from ruining their local watering hole – it now arcs around the pub.

To celebrate the pub’s survival, head to the Story Bridge Hotel for a pint of XXXX and a nod to those 1930s pioneers who stood for what they drank.

Story Bridge Adventure Climb
Where: Kangaroo Point, Brisbane City.
Open: Daily from dusk till dawn, check their website for available times.
Prices: Tickets start from $99.

8: You can release your inner animal – and there’s no tiger in sight

Australia Zoo Kangaroo

Photo by @schaelliderbossofficial via IG

We get it. It’s not exactly going to fire up the fear factor, but snuggling up to this Aussie furball is every traveller’s rite of passage.

Thankfully Queensland still allows hands-on koala cuddles. And, if you want to up the ante with a spine-chilling chaser, there’s always a venom-less snake or two to sling over the shoulder.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Where: 12km from Brisbane city.
Open: Daily from 9am to 5pm.
Prices: Tickets are $31.50 per adult.

Australia Zoo
Where: 1 hour drive/train ride north of Brisbane.
Open: Daily from 9.00am to 5.00pm.
Prices: Admission for adults is $59.

What else would you add to make the perfect brocation weekend?