Is 4WDing on Fraser Island the ultimate girls weekend? [video]

If you think girls weekends are only about fluffy bathrobes, bottles of bubbles and filing nails, I’ll drink your champagne and raise you this weekend adventure.

This is what happened when 11 ladies deflated their tyres and inflated their sense of adventure with a weekend of 4WDing on Fraser Island.

Girls Got Grit on Fraser Island |

Before we started driving we had to refuel. Not the cars; they were full. We needed to jump-start 11 ladies about to cross the biggest sand island in the world. Photo: @kristaeppelstun.

Girls Got Grit on Fraser Island |

They say red cars drive faster, so it’s not surprising that ‘Red Hornett’ was our 4×4 steed of choice. Not only was she pretty, she was a comfortable ride around the bumpy tracks of Fraser Island. Photo @rikerama.

Eli Creek | Girls Got Grit on Fraser Island |

After shifting between the clutch and brake for a few hours, tubing down Eli Creek seemed like a good idea. Summer, winter – it doesn’t matter – Eli Creek is like jumping into a bucket of ice cubes all year round. Go on, get in. You’ll regret it if you don’t! Photo @rikerama.

Seaplane | Girls Got Grit on Fraser Island |

From inland tracks to a gazetted highway made of sand, we kicked into high range and belted out Beyonce while driving down the beach. Photo @rikerama.

4WD Convoy | Girls Got Grit on Fraser Island |

No phone reception meant no Google Maps, but getting lost was not an option with walkie talkies and the Australian Offroad Academy at the front and back of the pack. Photo @rikerama.

Lake McKenzie | Girls Got Grit on Fraser Island |

Rain, hail or shine, don’t resist a dip at Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island’s prettiest lake. We went in the late afternoon which meant we had the lake almost to ourselves… the perfect opportunity for a cheesy jump shot. Photo @kristaeppelstun.

4WD recovery | Girls Got Grit on Fraser Island |

It wasn’t all smooth driving though. We did have to recover a few ladies when the clutch got confusing. Luckily we had a few hands on deck to get out of this sandy situation. Photo @rikerama.

Girls Got Grit on Fraser Island |

Silver lining? A bogged car was the perfect prop to take a souvenir selfie to show we actually did go off-road (in case the boys didn’t believe us). Photo @kristaeppelstun.

Champagne sunset | Girls Got Grit on Fraser Island |

From motoring mayhem to Moet at Kingfisher Bay Resort‘s Jetty Hut, we celebrated graduating from Australian Offroad Academy’s Girl’s Got Grit course with flying colours and sand everywhere. Photo @kristaeppelstun.

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