Five reasons Mackay should be your next adventure

5 ways to get a natural high in Mackay

If you’re thinking you need an adventure in nature… you’re right. You always need adventure in your life. So leave your emails unread, your Facebook unchecked and head to Mackay.

After a few hours of driving north along the Bruce Highway from Rockhampton, The Mackay Region makes a grand entrance with a coastline so beautiful you could turn around right now and still say you had a good time. But don’t because there’s heaps more to see.

Pick a direction, you can’t miss!

Dam fine fishing

5 ways to get a natural high in Mackay

If you feel the need to catch massive barramundi (we don’t blame you) then Kinchant Dam has what you need. If an 110cm barra gets you excited, you’re out of luck. They’re usually 120-30cm here. Dam! (Yep, pun intended.)

Camping is the best way to enjoy the fishing here so you can catch the sunrise and sunset every day.

Roos and views

5 ways to get a natural high in Mackay

At Cape Hillsborough National Park you can camp, fish, hang out with kangaroos, and if you’re an early riser (you should be) add a sunrise to the equation. That’s four amazing things and it’s not even mid morning. If you’re a glutton for nature, this is heaven.

Gorgeous gorges

5 ways to get a natural high in Mackay

If variety is the spice of life, that makes Finch Hatton Gorge the equivalent to a habanero pepper. Finch Hatton’s rock pools were purposely built by nature to make swimming extra relaxing, then it threw in baby turtles to make it cute as well.

After that, follow the walking trails for a living documentary on ridiculously ancient forests or just grab a ticket for the Forest Flying canopy tour. You pretty much zip-line from one amazing view to another.

Island time is the best time

5 ways to get a natural high in Mackay

Keswick Island may not be as well known as its northern cousins, but we like it that way.  If you had an island that fills with millions of blue tiger butterflies each year you’d keep it a secret too.

You’ll need your own boat to get to the island but the ruggedness of sleeping out on the reefy beaches will make you feel every bit the Bear Grylls apprentice. Mobile phone reception is scarce here too so it forces you back to basics (which isn’t a bad thing).

Enjoy the moment, you can always upload your photos to Instagram when you get back on the mainland. #millionssofthem

The platypus

5 ways to get a natural high in Mackay

What is it? A duck? A beaver? Nope, it’s a platypus. This blind, egg laying, Picasso of an animal lives in Eungella National Park. Not only is it one of the best places in the world to see a wild platypus, it manages to be insanely beautiful as well.

Just check this video if you don’t believe us.

What’s your favourite nature experience in Mackay? Let us know in the comments below!