Hooked on Mackay – Top 5 fishing spots

Meet “mad keen fisherman”, Luke Galea, as he takes us on a journey around some of his favourite fishing spots and gives us a taste of the surprising and plentiful fishing opportunities that Mackay has to offer.

For Luke, fishing is in his blood. Since he first picked up a rod and reel at the age of three, he’s been a passionate and dedicated recreational fisherman with an infectious love for fishing. He lives and breathes it and it’s a passion that he loves to share.

“Every time I go fishing it’s different, it’s never the same,” he says. “It’s about pinpointing conditions and seeing how they have changed and how it affects the fishing. It’s about trying to crack the code.”

Luke has lived in Mackay with his family for over eight years now and says he doesn’t want to be anywhere else. The diversity Mackay offers, not just species of fish, but locations, allows so many different fishing experiences that even Luke is still finding new opportunities.

“Within 45 minutes you can be in the reef, the rainforest stream… The headland, a beach… there’s so many options in terms of locations.”

Check out Luke’s top fishing spots around Mackay:

1. Kinchant Dam

Fishing at Kinchant Dam

Visitors should start with Kinchant Dam, in the Pioneer Valley only 41 kilometres west of Mackay. This is where barramundi are easier to catch than a winter cold. Be patient and eventually you can hook a monster.


Saratoga and sooty grunter can be found at Prospect Creek, another great freshwater fishing spot. Try your hand at fly fishing to add some extra swagger to your cast.


Fishing at Cattle Creek

Head out to Cattle Creek just near Finch Hatton where you will find your pick of sooty grunter, especially in the shallows. Keep your eyes peeled for good holes to find some bigger fish.


If you’re keen to lure salmon or barramundi head 20 minutes south of Mackay to Sandy Creek. If you’ve got the time throw in a crab pot for a chance at some muddies and applause come dinner time.


Excellent fishing can also be found at Constants Creek near Seaforth. The area is well known for dishing up plenty of barramundi, mangrove jack and fingermark. If you’re lucky you’ll snag some salmon near the deeper bends around the mouth.

What are some of your favourite fishing spots around Mackay?