10 of the best backpacker hostels in Queensland

10 of the best backpacker hostels in Queensland

Fellow backpackers rejoice! We’ve made a list of the most bumpin’ and downright baller hostels in Queensland. If this list was any cooler, it would come with a beanie and mittens.

Get crazy in Cairns

Gilligans at nightThink you know what a night out is? Gilligans will take every expectation you had and then smack you in the face with jelly wrestling, bogan bingo, world renowned DJ’s and to top it off, pole dancing and wet T-shirt contests. Needless to say this isn’t the Comfort Inn, so bring your party pants.

Easy Rider

Make like Freddy Mercury and “Get on your bikes and ride!”. 1770 Southern Cross Backpackers is the starting point for Scooter Roo Tours – aka a way for you to ride through the countryside on your own motorcycle and pretend you’re in a gang. Afterwards, head back to the hostel and chill on their private lake or in a hammock. Seventeen Seventy is easy like that.

Forever young

Base Full Moon Party

Magnetic Island is drop dead gorgeous and isn’t afraid to get dirty. Case in point: Once a month, Base on Magnetic Island hosts a full moon party. Nothing says freedom like partying on a tropical island near the Great Barrier Reef. Trust us this puts the “bucket” in bucket list.

Guilt-free stay

Dreamtime Travelers RestDreamtime Travellers Rest in Cairns takes eco-tourism to the next level, offering opportunities for conservation work and volunteering (just in case you feel guilty for all those goon bags). Once a week they host a BBQ fundraiser for teachers in the Himalayas so get on board and give something back.

Banana me up, Scotty

Scotty’s Beach House is exactly what the name suggests. It feels like home and you won’t want to leave. Good thing it’s only 20 kilometres away from the Tully banana farms so getting that second year on your visa is easier than skydiving onto Mission Beach. Well they are both pretty easy thanks to Scotty.

Ballin’ on a budget

Backpackers, your limousine awaits. Seriously. The Sleeping Inn on the Gold Coast will pick you up in a limousine. Then you can watch a dive-in movie from the pool or use the bus in the back that’s been converted into a cinema. Free nightclub entry helps you see the sunrise before you hit the hay. Woop woop!

Cat’s out of the bag

Eski the cat, that is. Yes, their cat is as cool as his name suggests and is part of the scenery at Somewhere to Stay in Brisbane. Not only is the cat awesome, the hostel is located in West End, which is hip with a pinch of catnip. This place is purrfect.

Lodge no complaints here

Halse Lodge

Staying at Halse Lodge in Noosa is like being invited to a rich cane-farmers house for a few beers and some beats with all your best friends. The lodge is in the heart of town and yet when you sit on the balcony you’ll think you’re in the middle of nowhere. The forest around it is thick to keep the noise out (but more importantly, in, so get down with your bad self).

Late night escapes

On the Wallaby in the Atherton Tablelands has a night canoe tour where you can see tree kangaroos. They’re like normal kangaroos except way smaller, much cuter and they hang out in trees. If you don’t feel like being a night owl, their day tours take you to Millaa Millaa Falls which is a sexy, wet hair-flick photo hotspot.

Me Tarzan, you Jane

Daintree Crocodylus

Living in the jungle used to be a dream reserved for Mowgli and Tarzan but Crocodylus Village is where Mowgli would go to relax and have a cocktail. The cabins have mesh walls and canvas roofs, so don’t expect your fancy Wi-Fi and air con. Nature rocks you to sleep and wakes you in the morning with bird song and your entertainment is old school (like wildlife #birds). This is the Daintree – it’s raw and awesome.

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