Dingo on Fraser Island by @laurenepbath

11 Fraser Island dingoes that love to strut

If there’s one thing we know about the dingoes on Fraser Island, it’s that they love to strut! Actually we know a little bit more about them than that. Here are a few dingo facts set to photos of dingoes strutting.

A win, win for all involved!

Dingo on Fraser Island by @laurenepbath

Photo by @laurenepbath

1. Fraser Island dingoes are protected as they have the ability to become the purest strain of dingo on the eastern seaboard.

2. These beach-loving dingoes are very lean because they strut a lot! They travel up to 40 kilometres a day.

3. Adult dingoes stand more than 60cm high, are about 1.2m long and have an average weight of around 18kg.

Mother and pup Dingo playing on 75 mile beach by @gregorsnell

Photo by @gregorsnell

4. Unlike the domestic dog, the dingo breeds only once a year with pups born during the winter months. It’s wise to remember that these gorgeous animals are indeed WILD.

Mother and pup Dingo playing on 75 mile beach by @gregorsnell

Photo by @gregorsnell

5. Pups strut independently at three to four months old. But if in a pack, they become independent when the next breeding season begins.

6. Only on Fraser! The dingoes here strangely howl at the sound of aeroplanes landing or taking off.

Swimming dingo by @jewelszee

Photos by @jewelszee

7. They love to swim. Why wouldn’t you when your backyard is a beach!

8. They also enjoy fishing as much as we do.

9. Dingoes do most of their strutting at dawn and dusk.

Spirit the dingo at Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary by @laurenepbath

Photo by @laurenepbath

10. This is Spirit. The gorgeous albino dingo pup is the star at Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary. Pay her a visit at Maryborough on the way to Fraser Island.

11. Dingoes are gorgeous and may look like your puppy dog at home but they are wild animals. Here are a few safety facts that will keep you and the dingoes happy.

  • Always stay within arm’s reach of children.
  • Always walk in groups.
  • NEVER feed dingoes.
  • Secure all food and rubbish.
  • Watch them from a distance.

Have you seen the dingoes on Fraser Island strutting?