6 things to do these summer school holidays in Gladstone

6 things to do these summer school holidays in the Gladstone Region

Summer comes and goes faster than a fox in a henhouse, so here are six epic things to do these summer school holidays in the Gladstone Region that will keep you ahead of the game.

1. Get back to nature

Pack up the kids; it’s camping time. Isla Gorge National Park has pretty much everything you could want in a camping trip. There are eagles, wallabies and more scenic walks than you can shake a stick at. The rock formations change colour as the sun goes down so get your kids snapping photos as you cook some bush tucker.

2. Little flippers

Cowabunga dudes, it’s turtle time! Turtle hatching season begins in January and Heron Island is home to green and loggerhead turtles(sorry no turtles of the ninja variety can be found here). Heron Island is a playground for everyone and the turtles are just the tip of the iceberg coral cay. Enjoy.

3. Reel ‘em in

Bait your lines – the barra are biting and the mangrove jack are feeling feisty in Lake Awoonga. This lake has more wildlife than a David Attenborough documentary. Camp or caravan it’s up to you, just make sure you bring drinking water and your adventure pants.

4. Reef life

Cast off from 1770 to a place that is so beautiful they named it after a lady. Lady Musgrave Tours can take you out to the largest living organism on earth (The Great Barrier Reef) and back again without any hassle in one day. Snorkel, feed fish, take a semi-submersible or just walk around the island. There are no bad decisions here.

5. Out on the farm

Get your hands dirty and put in some hard yakka. The Myella Farm Stay will have you milking cows, riding horses, lassoing and cracking whips. And that’s just the morning. You are basically Clint Eastwood without the wrinkles.

6. Jack Sparrow juniors

Hoist the mainsail! Swab the deck! Avast! Gladstone Yacht Club has courses for kids as young as nine years old to learn the basics of how wind makes things go fast. This is the first step to becoming a pirate.

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