Into the Sunshine: The magic of Moreton Island [video]

It’s literally on Brisbane’s doorstep and yet it seems like another world away.

Into the Sunshine is a series of short films directed by filmmaker Matt Raimondo that will take you into the lives of some remarkable Queenslanders, showcasing their powerful connection to the environment.

This episode introduces us to Keiran Lusk – park ranger, photographer and lighthouse caretaker on Moreton Island. Kieran and his partner Samantha and their two young sons, Ellery and Aubrey, live a unique life of solitude surrounded by the serene, natural beauty of the cape and Queensland’s oldest lighthouse.

Cape Moreton lighthouse

As a ranger, Keiran’s day-to-day responsibilities are vital to maintaining and protecting the wildlife and the environment. Not only does he manage the campsites, visitor’s facilities and the many walking tracks around the cape, he’s always on call to respond to any emergencies that threaten the flora and fauna, fighting wildfires or even rescuing whales.

Keiran is passionate about educating visitors to the island and sharing the many sights and experiences Moreton Island has to offer. His love for his job, his lifestyle and for the island is infectious among visitors and it’s easy to see why. “It’s a very unique life… I pinch myself every day. I think we’re very lucky to live somewhere like this.”

His desire to share the beauty of the island extends to his other great love – photography. His passion for photography and for the island has seen him capture incredible shots that he shares with the world via social media (his Instagram account has over 28,000 followers!). Keiran feels there is a story to tell with every image and that every shot captures a moment of his family’s life living on the island.

Keiran Lusk

“Sharing my photography of the island is a privilege. It’s a wonderful chance to share this place with others. Most afternoons we’ll go down to one of our many gorgeous beaches within a couple of minutes drive and I capture these incredible sunsets. It’s just awe-inspiring. It leaves you speechless.”

To get to Moreton Island there is a daily ferry (except Wednesdays) from the Port of Brisbane.