Travel bloggers to watch in 2015

27 of the best travel bloggers to watch in 2015

Here’s to the nomads, the adventures and the modern-day gypsies. The people who live out of suitcases and gravitate to coffee shops with free Wi-Fi. By day, they travel and photograph. By night (and all the stolen moments in between), they blog and share their journey with the world. And we’re so glad they do!

If you’re in need of some Aussie travel advice or wanderlust-fuelled inspiration, here are 27 more travel bloggers to add to your bookmarks list in 2015 (see our original list here).

Keeping with tradition, these bloggers are:

  • living in Australia;
  • writing about Australia; or
  • providing a valuable resource for people visiting Australia.

The Wandering Lens

Prepare to get completely lost in the visual online world of Australian photojournalist Lisa Michele Burns. This image-heavy blog will give you a severe case of wanderlust but also plenty of tips for using your DSLR more creatively next time you’re travelling.

It’s Worth a Shot

Its Worth a Shot follows Australian landscape and travel photographer, Matt Donovan. Not only are his photos beautiful, but he has a whole section dedicated to teaching you how to do the same. What a nice guy.

Barefoot Beach Blonde

Hailing from Tropical North Queensland, this gypsy lady really got her travel on and shows no signs of stopping – she is never anywhere too long. Her blog is a mix of hilarious stories, interesting advice and a ceaseless passion for travel that is infectious.

This Island Life

If you could live life permanently in a bikini or pair of boardshorts, then this blog will sate your saltwater thirst. Laura McWhinie basically travels to the world’s most tropical locations and shows them off with beautiful photography and videos. Just your regular day job, really.

The Hungry Australian

If your travels are dictated by your taste buds more often than not, Christina from The Hungry Australian is your new best friend.

Travels with Nina

Freelance travel journalist Nina Karnikowski kicked off her blog early in 2014 with a colourful chunk of content under her belt from travels through south-east Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific but this Sydney-side beauty also has plenty of tips and reviews for adventures closer to home, too.

Gypsy Nester

What do you do when the kids finally leave the nest? You sell your house and live your lives wherever you have the desire to be. Well Veronica and David did anyway. Their reflections on raising children are a sharp contrast to their travels and it makes for interesting and funny posts that will make you even more excited for your kids to leave home.

The Blonde Tourist

Heading to Sydney? Check out her ‘Noms Wishlist’ – it pretty much sums up every great place you can think of to eat and crosses off the ones she has been to so you can get extra jealous. Her ’30 before 30′ list is just like the Noms list but with less chopsticks and more climbing and hiking. Now, will that include a trip to Queensland?

Travelling King

Sam and Pete want you to be blinging but without the need for all the dolla dolla bills. Check out this blog for tips and tricks galore.

The Kid Bucket List

Sheer a sheep, hold a crocodile, milk a cow… These are just a few things listed in the kid bucket list. Follow this family’s journey and play along to complete it.

Australian Travel Trip

Rico is a German on a mission. His travels up the east coast of Queensland and the Outback are a great example of what 60 days can get you in this great country when you prepare the right way.

Stop Having a Boring Life

Rob Lloyd walked out of a cubicle and into the world of travelling for a living. He writes about the challenges, the joys and of course the dozens of countries he has visited. Check out his adventure around Australia, especially his post about Hamilton Island. He makes its beauty almost unbearable… almost.

50 Shades of Age

Inspired by a six-month road trip around Australia, 50 Shades of Age tells light-hearted tales of travel for the over 50’s.

Her Packing List

There are more handy travel items you can buy than there are places to travel to. Luckily you have this blog to help narrow it down so you only get the good stuff. If you needed another reason to go shopping, then this blog will inspire you to do so.

Young Adventuress

Liz is a girl who loves to rant, rave and relish in everything travel. She will definitely make you jealous, but on the other hand she will get you ready to make your own way around Australia and then some. Thanks Liz!

A Glass Half Full

Lee Mylne’s travel blog combines years of journalistic experience and a positive outlook on life, which in turn creates a sophisticated take on what travelling can be.

K. Graham Journeys

Karen Graham is based in Melbourne but doesn’t stay put for very long. If hiking, cycling or volunteering are your thing, then Karen may be your soul mate.

Journey Jottings

This website offers you a way to log your travels on a map that looks like it was taken straight from a fantasy novel. Think Game of Thrones but with all the places YOU have been. Also, they have some neat travel tips so you can make your map that little bit bigger.

Time Travel Turtle

Michael Turtle threw in the towel at his broadcast media job in Sydney and ventured off on an indefinite adventure around the world in 2011. With a passport full of stamps, his tales from Myanmar to Italy and under the waters of the Southern Great Barrier Reef will make you want to do the same.

The Planet D

Dave and Deb’s blog will make you exhausted just reading it. The Canadian couple have explored over 80 countries – cycling, climbing, trekking, rally car driving and camping – living by their motto ‘Adventure is for everyone’.

Runaway Juno

Hailing from the land of Gangnam Style, Juno Kim is the writer behind this fun travel blog with a focus on backpacking. Check out her adventures through Outback Queensland, Lady Elliot Island and the Gold Coast.

Korduroy TV

Fusing surfing with the online world, the Korduroy crew have been inciting wanderlust in board riders across the world for five years. Get lost in their catalogue of films about epic waves and awesome artists.

Miss Malini

This Bombay-bastic blog melds celebrity gossip and style with stylish travel adventures around the globe. Check out the fun video posts on Airlie Beach, kayaking around Hamilton Island at sunset and Currumbin Sanctuary on the Gold Coast.

CC Food Travel

Cumi and Ciki and not their real names, but this food-loving couple from Malaysia believe food and culture go hand-in-hand – especially when fine dining and cocktails are on the menu. If you love a good degustation, this blog will have you drooling for more.

That Backpacker

Travelling (but not competing) with her husband Sam (aka Nomadic Samuel), Audrey Bergner is a pocket rocket full of backpacking inspiration and handy travel tips.


Planning an epic cross-country hike? Sherry’s your girl for all the tips and info you could need for an active adventure. It helps she’s been on the road for over seven years now.

Nomadic Samuel

Vital stats: English teacher in South Korea for three years. On the road for six years. Samuel is a 20-something nomad who opted for a backpack over the prospect of a corporate cubicle and will try anything once!

What do you think? Got any more to add to the list?