The adventures of Monty and Mooshi in Townsville

Monty and Mooshi are two Hungarian Vizslas living in sunny Townsville and sharing their amazing adventures on Instagram over at @montyandmooshi.

It’s a dog life, for sure.

Photo by Instagrammer @montyandmooshi

Best of friends

Why do Monty and Mooshi love Townsville? There’s 300+ sunny days a year! You can explore so much more with that amount of sunshine and your best buddy by your side!

Photo by Instagrammer @montyandmooshi

The Strand Jetty

Very popular with fisherman and doggies who like to sniff around for scraps!


Walkies to the top of Castle Hill

There’s nothing like the walk up Castle Hill. The heart is pumping, tongues are hanging out and the smells along the bush track… Ah-mazing!

Photo by Instagrammer @montyandmooshi

The view from the top

Worth it!

Photo by Instagrammer @montyandmooshi

From the other angle

The view is the other way, Monty!


Pallarenda Dog Beach

Favourite activities here include bird chasing, turtle spotting, swimming races, running races and actively ignoring mum (aka Sophie).


Beach feels and smells

The Great Barrier Reef is that-a-way.

Photo by Instagrammer @montyandmooshi

Walkies around Kissing Point

At the Jezzine Barracks there are loads of art installations based around Townsville’s indigenous and military heritage.

Photo by Instagrammer @montyandmooshi

This one is a favourite

How can you not smile with a chair like this?

Photo by Instagrammer @montyandmooshi

Life is short, so run fast

This is Monty and Mooshi’s mantra. If you aren’t misbehaving and running around like lunatics, what’s the point?

@montyandmooshi were our InstaStory guests and took over the @queensland Instagram account for a few days to show us around Townsville.