Why you need to visit the country in autumn [video]

“The country shapes us and moulds us, and makes us what we are. If we’re divorced from that country, then what are we?”

Russell Jackson’s connection to country is unbreakable. He has spent a lifetime camping under the stars and letting the spirit of the environment mould his soul.

Like most Australians, Russell is a “big sky” person and this video takes us on some of his favourite walks as he feels the country beside him and shows off the changing skies above. He’s one of few Aussies that can live off the land, able to survive from picking wild fruit from the bush (a dangerous thing to do if you don’t know what you’re doing).

Autumn in Southern Queensland Country is just about Russell’s favourite time to go bush walking. It’s a time when the sky starts to get drier, the leaves blush a winter hue and life around him becomes so much clearer. The fact that it’s all so close to Brisbane puts this incredibly beautiful area at the footsteps of millions.

If you’re inspired to connect with country, to take a hike and let the sounds of nature anchor you back into life, then journey 90 minutes west of Brisbane for your own big sky adventure in Southern Queensland Country. Try Girraween National Park to immerse in craggy outcrops, Sylvesters Lookout for postcard perfect views or any of the hikes on the Main Range National Park for rugged ridges and escarpments.

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What do you love most about the country?

*Special thanks to Russell at Bestbrook Mountain Resort and Louise Brosnan from Cambanoora Co Tours for hosting my stay.