In need of a digital detox? Go here now

No internet? What a travesty! Or is it? What if, by design or default, there existed a place on the planet where you couldn’t be contacted for a few days? Would your world really end or is it entirely possible you might enjoy this enforced break?

Toss off the technology shackles and head to one of these places where you’ll be… ahem… uncontactable.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, Gold Coast

Gwinganna bases its philosophies around the Dreamtime, and as far as we know, the Ancient Aborigines didn’t use mobile phones, nor did they Facebook what they hunted and gathered for dinner. As such, you can bring your phone, but it can only be used in your room or the designated cricket stand. As for your laptop, you’re advised to leave that at home, and instead focus on this beautiful 200 hectare property in the Gold Coast hinterland, its wellness programs, specialty spa treatments and organic cuisine.

Eden Health Retreat, Gold Coast

Along with no alcohol, smokes or coffee, guests at Eden Health Retreat in the Currumbin Valley in the Gold Coast Hinterland are also advised not to bring radios, laptops or mobile phones. There is a guest computer and pay phones at the office, but you’re encouraged to use these sparingly and instead lap up the eco lodges in their rainforest setting, and a host of healthy activities devoted to relaxation, education and self development. With around 40 activities on the menu, you won’t have time to think about the non-important phone calls you might be missing.

Lotusbird Lodge, Cape York

You’re in Savannah Country now, 480 kilometres north of Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, so why on earth would you need a phone? In fact, you don’t even need a television, as there’s so much of mother nature on display. As the name suggests, there are plenty of lotus birds along the billabong, as part of 200 species of birds in this region. That’s right, the only Twitter you’ll be experiencing is a real-life bird call.

Stay in one of 10 pole style cabins which are situated only nine kilometres from Lakefield National Park and 22 kilometres from Princess Charlotte Bay. Only 20 guests are at the lodge at any time, so instead of Facebooking someone, you might like to try speaking to a stranger. Just a suggestion.

Spicers Peak Lodge, Southern Queensland Country

They say connectivity here is a bit on-again/off-again so why not do yourself, and your travelling companions a favour, and put the device away and focus on these natural surrounds at Spicers Peak Lodge, 90 minutes west of Brisbane. There’s 10 luxurious suites and two private lodges in this high country setting, so it’s pretty much just you and Mother Nature. Go on a guided nature or bush tucker walk or partake in four-wheel driving, or simply indulge in a spa treatment. How’s the serenity?

Cockatoo Hill Retreat, Tropical North Queensland

So averse is this Daintree Rainforest resort to technology, it actively encourages guests not to use it by offering a ‘digital detox’ retreat. That’s right, you pay for the privilege of switching off. Your three nights includes breakfast daily, a two-hour guided night-walk, no Wi-Fi, no television, plenty of activity ideas, and time to relax. Now, that seems smarter than any smart phone.

Where do you go to switch off?

*Feature image: Shutterstock