Journey from Brisbane to Gladstone [gallery]

Meet Matthew Taylor Thomas (not to be confused with Jonathon Taylor Thomas or JTT for those who remember Home Improvement). Matthew lives in Brisbane, works with Virgin Australia, and recently took control of our @Queensland Instagram account to lead us on a journey from Brisbane to Gladstone. This is Matthew’s Queensland.


My Idea of a great boy’s night out in Brisbane!


It’s been a big ride!

Maleny, Sunshine Coast

Looking down over the Glasshouse Mountains from Maleny at Sunset.

Montville, Sunshine Coast

A nice spot to sit and reflect at the bottom of the Kondalilla Falls, Montville.

Noosa National Park

My favourite hike in Queensland is through Noosa National Park.


Sunshine Coast

Peak hour traffic at Castaways Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

Bundaberg River

Sun setting behind the Burnett River, Bundaberg.



Rules Beach

The golden sands of Rules Beach.

1770/Agnes Water

Water like glass this morning in the Town of 1770/Agnes Water.


Goodnight everyone!

Soldier crabs

An army of thousands of soldier crabs storming the banks!

Sand surfing

Did you do something fun this weekend? Age is not an excuse! Get out there and live life to the fullest.

Have you done this road trip? Share your tips in the comments below.

*Photos by Matthew Taylor Thomas