Flashback: 8 vintage tourism posters from the 1930s

Queensland: Beautiful one day, perfect the next. At least that’s what I knew growing up as a child of the ‘80s. This was when Paul Hogan was doing it for Australia like no-one’s business with his catch-cry of “I’ll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you” accompanied by the slogan ‘Come and say G’day’.

Mr Dundee helped to catapult our little island into the hearts and minds of Americans and propelled Australia from around number 78 on the ‘most desired’ destination list, up to 7 within three months of the launch (before Crocodile Dundee was released).

People are passionate about tourism. When a tourism bureau puts out a new advertising slogan, it’s quickly embraced or shut down by the public. And yes, there’s certainly been some fizzers (‘Where the bloody hell are you’, anyone?).

TV commercials aside, we’ve had some classy ads, indeed. In the 1930s all you needed was some some simple illustrations, a few pineapples and some fish to make a lasting impression.

Anyone else think there’s a really kitsch tea towel collection in this?