Endless possibilities to kayak in Queensland

Prime paddling: 7 spots to take your kayak this summer

You know those impulse buys that seem like the best idea ever at the time but quickly become a guilty pestering mantra inside your head: “You spent a butt-load of money on that thing, you should use it more!”?

That’s the relationship I have with Viking – our kayak.

Viking was a shotgun purchase made after spending the weekend leisurely paddling around the aqua clear waters of Daydream Island. Fresh with memories of sea salted air in our faces and aqua blue water splashing on the sides of our hire kayak, we were standing at the checkout counter of a kayak store in Cannonvale (near Airlie Beach) making our best-idea-ever purchase.

Ariel View of Airlie Beach
From that next weekend onwards, our kayaking adventures were made up of spectacular Whitsunday nautical views. My favourite was launching from Cannonvale Beach and either heading port-side (left) out beyond Pigeon Island and exploring the coastline around Pioneer Bay up to Villa Botanica.

When we moved home to Brisbane, Viking took our friends and family out on the calm waters of the Pumicestone Passage a grand total of two times and then took up lodging in my mum’s garage on Bribie Island.

In an effort to become guilt-free about my kayak purchase I’ve put together a summer kayaking to-do list.

Moreton Bay, Brisbane

Kayaking through Horseshoe Bay
There are a few kayaking spots in Moreton Bay that are on my to-do list seeing as this aquatic playground is right on Brisbane’s doorstep.

St Helena Island

I plan to launch from Manly on Brisbane’s bayside for a picnic lunch on St Helena Island and back again. There are short walking tracks on the island that you can walk without the need for a tour guide.

Brown Lake, North Stradbroke Island

Straddie‘ is one of my favourite day trips from Brisbane. I’d love to team up my first-ever camping trip with a kayaking trip to the island. All I need to do is borrow some camping gear and pick which camp site to go with!

Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island

I’m keen to spot the teeming marine life around the Tangalooma Wrecks from above the water then grab a snorkel and swim with them!

Noosa Everglades, Sunshine Coast

I think I’ll save the Noosa Everglades for a weekend after a particularly stressful week of work or life in general. This spot looks like it could relax the busiest of minds, simply by being there and watching the reflections dance on the water’s surface. Bliss!

Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

Couple Kayak Horseshoe Bay
After spending New Year’s on Magnetic Island, I vowed to come back and spend more time exploring the island and adding it to my kayaking to-do list fits perfectly. Horseshoe Bay has every watercraft imaginable available for hire. You can also experience swimming on horseback. Very interesting!

Torquay Beach, Hervey Bay

Kayaking is one of the easiest water sports to get out there and try. For beginners and families, hiring a kayak and exploring Queensland’s waterways and lakes at your own pace is a great way to extend your day at the beach. Kayak hire is budget friendly and includes all the safety equipment you’ll need. It’s also a great core workout that you don’t even realise you’re doing because it’s so much fun. Until the next day, that is.

Do you have neglected water sports equipment hidden away in your garage or shed? I dare you to dust it off and get out on the water. Summer is on its way!

What is your favourite kayaking location? Let us know in the comments!