Hundreds paddle out for whales in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay, Australia’s whale watching capital, has once again shown its love for whales with the third annual Paddle out for Whales taking place on Saturday.

Even a spot of bad weather couldn’t deter supporters from paddling out for Australia’s largest anti-whaling protest as part of IFAW’s National Whale Day.

Conservationist Bob Irwin and champion Ironwoman Hayley Bateup officially opened the day before taking part in the Paddle Out.


Supporters gathered in front of Enzo’s on the Beach to watch the Paddle Out.


While the haunting strains of Hervey Bay’s humpbacks played out through loudspeakers on the beach, spectators were moved to tears as paddlers joined together to raise their oars and hold a one-minute silence.


In a moving tribute, 267 flowers were released into the water to represent the number of whales slaughtered last hunting season.


Want to have a close encounter with whales?

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